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Starting Guild. Need help choosing a website/voice chat service.

movros99movros99 Member UncommonPosts: 125

Hello all.

I am looking to start a guild for ESO and I'm wanting some help in choosing a good website and voice chat hosting service.  I've used Enjin in the past but they don't currently have templates for ESO (that I'm aware of).

Do you all have a favorite service?  I don't mind paying for a good service.

Any thoughts on the subject are much appreciated.



  • KnotwoodKnotwood Member CommonPosts: 1,103
    I personaly say TeamSpeak 3,  you know the servers are certified and people can really trust them.    I've never trusted Vent since it launched, and Raidcall sometimes becomes really low quality for a few days at a time.   Good luck.
  • DrDwarfDrDwarf Member Posts: 475

    Go to moonfruit and make a website there for free.  It is simple for anyone with basic desk top publishing experience.

    All these sites selling mmorpg guild websites are pants and they wont make a difference to your ability to recruit retain or manage your guild.

    I agree that Teamspeak is easiest in terms of its recognition and popularity.  Other systems come and go but most people have some experience of Teamspeak.


    Oh and if you want a guild set up quickly you can do this all by yourself by having 10 Early start accounts = you have a guild bank straight away wit hall those slots and can create other guilds quickly.


    You can buy early start keys that you use to create an eso account immediately and get confirmation direct from eso that that account is up and running ready for 5 days early access.  Some on ebay uk right now.

  • [Deleted User][Deleted User] UncommonPosts: 0
    The user and all related content has been deleted.
  • DrDwarfDrDwarf Member Posts: 475
    Originally posted by greenreen

    The best websites are custom code, not templates and frameworks. Disclaimer: I'm a Web Developer by trade so I'm going to see much more advantage to having custom code.

    You can learn HTML on your own along with CSS. Javascript and a server side language are going to dip into actual programming but it's high level languages so we aren't talking about assembly here. If you want a dynamic site you'll have to learn some database queries but those are pretty straightforward and there aren't too many differences in databases except when you get into T-SQL.

    What you need is a friendly nerd around. You can build your own website as a pet project but you will not be keen to the things that make great websites. First off is the weight of the page. Every bit of code you use needs to be transferred from the server to the computer viewing the site. The weight of that counts all the javascript, all the HTML, all the images, all the CSS. Tweaking that will improve the user experience and that's where a professional will improve a site. A lot of times templates get lazy, they don't use Javascript, they use jquery. Jquery is a framework of Javascript and has its own download. If you used Javascript alone you wouldn't have any download and you wouldn't have to do updates over time. Copy and paste is rampant on those pre-built sites but I guarantee you that custom code is extraordinary for page load speed which becomes load on the server and bandwidth cost. I consider a page bloated now at 200k while people who use frameworks regularly reach 1mb page weight and it's so uneeded. Honestly, page weight is what is slowing down the net but there was a time when broadband was only a dream.

    Just remember, any framework or doohickey that you install will be something else for you to watch for security. Especially things like Wordpress have exploits coming out all the time and you will be patching or leave yourself vulnerable.

    If you go with a provider and not custom code, check their quality by seeing if their code validates. You can check validation at http://validator.w3.org/ Validation is not the be all end all but if you come up with over 20 errors on that, you've got some major problems with that code. The code I write comes up perfectly valid with no errors. It's part of what you should expect from custom code.

    There are lots of providers - the only thing I can suggest to you is to stay away from Godaddy. They are notorious for upsells and limited functionality to get you to buy more. I don't suggest Rackspace because I had a bad experience with them spamming me after asking for a quote for a project and even when I sent emails with headers they refuse to take a work email off their marketing list. If you do go it on your own, I like one and one as a hosting company for the domain http://www.1and1.com/ . I have not tried their auto website builder because I make sites for a living but their domain services are great. 


    I'd say you dont need a great guild website before you have a great guild and even then it isn't needed.

    Someone in his position is far better off using a quick and easy to use FREE sitebuilder like moonfruit that he manages himself without the need of a friendly techie or another hobby learning to code himself.

    You see a lot of people paying for websites and voice comms before they have a guild established and before they have the skills to recruit and manage a guild.

    When your guild dies (and most do) it is a lot easier to take when it has only cost you a bit of time to set up the infrastucture.

    If you are going to spend $$$ spend it where it helps you..

    As above right now you could do a lot worse than be in a position to create at least one (and probably several) guilds within hours of 5 day Early Access beginning because you have bought or otherwise obtained 10 Early Start accounts so you dont need any other people to create a guild with a guild bank/store.

    Running around recruiting 9 other people (who presumably have to stay for at least long enough for you to create a guild bank/store) is not much fun.

    Having a guild with a guild store/bank and ten members in it already is a lot more bang for your buck than a website or a subbed voice server at that point in the games lifecycle.  It will be easier to recruit and retain members early on when most players will not be bothering to  look up a guild website.



  • unclemounclemo Member UncommonPosts: 462
    This is good info.
  • noahvissernoahvisser Newbie CommonPosts: 1
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