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Is this an open world Sandbox Space mmo?

DizzlerDizzler Member Posts: 231
If so im in?



  • yevoc42yevoc42 Member Posts: 34
    Originally posted by Rdizzle
    If so im in?

    Starquest is the ultimate space sandbox MMO.  I've played just about everything that claims to be space+MMO, and this is still the only real one.  (Except for Shores of Hazeron, which is usually unplayable)  SQO is the *real* Star Trek online with some
    Star Wars elements thrown in.

    The problem is that the game interface is a "punch in the face" (to quote my first superior officer), and the bugs have remained unchanged since 2008.  The developers abandoned the game years ago, and the publisher is running the SQO server on a very old machine that's running other junk as well, which makes the game performance even worse than it used to be.

    SQO is more or less feature complete, but it's just like real life: it's hard to have fun if you're the only person in the entire universe.  Oh, and the learning curve is almost as steep as real life.  You usually need someone to spend hours or days of their lives to get you up and running in terms of training.  (I'm not talking about XP/level training, but just learning the game.  A truly fully leveled character can take a month of AFK grinding, and you can never have enough fully leveled characters, provided you have enough ships that need crew.)

    The plus is since there are so few people logged into the server, you shouldn't have lag issues anymore.  It also means you could theoretically build a one-man empire and take over the entire game universe if you were insane enough to spend that much time on it.

    I recommend you don't.  The game is addicting once you see its promise, but it will ultimately disappoint you, causing you to leave and return to the game multiple times like the rest of us junkies who can't seem to permanently let go.  (The real problem is that the game starts to break down once more than 10-20 people log on, and that will never allow you to have the fun you're looking for)

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