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**NEW SERVER! 2/23** [US-Rust Addiktz] Rust++|PvP|Sleepers|1/2 Craft|24/7 Admin Support|Adjusted Loo

haolefliphaoleflip Member Posts: 1



Steam Group

Hello everyone! This is a brand new server that I started at midnight on 2/23. 
I have gotten Rust++ installed and I am still setting things up as we speak, 
but the server is currently up and running and ready for a new player base!

Our Goal
Our goal with this server is to provide a great experience for all players with NO ADMIN ABUSE and NO GRIEFING. I want to emphasize on that because we all hate it, and I will not do it nor will I tolerate any of my other admins doing it! We will only do wipes when necessary and try not to do them so often when we can avoid it. I want to make this a hardcore pvp server with teams of people and I want to help provide fair play for all. We will try our hardest to provide 24/7 active admin support. If an admin isn't in game, there will always be one online that you can message through the Steam group. I want to eventually add events on the weekends like mass airdrops and weapon tournaments, but I would like to first establish a player base of at least 20 people first so that we can all vote on what we would like to see happen. I might also have a couple admin spots available, but haven't decided on that yet.

Adjusted Loot Spawns
This has been adjusted just a tiny bit. Everything is still craftable, but they are just more rare in crates and you might get less of something from a crate than you normally would (Example: normally you would get 10-16 9mm bullets, but I have adjusted it so that you only get 1-6). I also decreased the chance to find the m4, mp5 and bolt action in rad town crates and decreased the drop rates for Kevlar blueprints. You also get explosives from airdrops only.

I will probably move over to Oxide from Rust++ soon due to more flexibility with what you can do on Oxide versus Rust++.

Server Features
- Rust++ 1.5.4
- CheatPunch installed
- 100 Slots
- PvP On
- Sleepers On
- 1/2 Craft Time
- Craft C4
- Airdrops
- Starter Kit
- Adjusted Loot Spawns
- Airdrops at 15 players for now

- No Hacking (Of course!) Hackers will be dealt with ASAP!
- Racial slurs, jokes and words will not be tolerated! First time you get a warning, second time you get banned!
- No intentional griefing is allowed! Raiding someone's house and looting them is one thing, but you cannot block someone in their own house by doing things like replacing their metal doors with your own or halting someone from building like putting pillars in the middle of a foundation. Wooden objects like wooden doors and barricades are acceptable because they can be broken down using a hatchet that you can get from starter kits. We will make sure to emphasize on this more if it starts becoming an issue.

Hope to see you in game!

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