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Accursed Legion is a North American Xbox One guild seeking to establish PvP dominance in Cyrodiil through the use of teamwork and organization. With the support of two other branches – PvE and Exploration – we plan to keep our bank stocked with items for our crafters to maintain arms production.




At our foundation we focus on both Lycanthropy and Vampirism but it is not mandatory for members to acquire these afflictions to maintain membership in the guild. And while a significant portion of the guild is focused on PvP, we will still have active participants in all aspects of the game. From crafting to role playing to PvE, there is a home for all play styles in Accursed Legion. Of far greater importance than play style is member attitude. Quite simply we are seeking teammates not members. One may ask what is the difference? Teammates work towards the betterment of the guild. Teammates are in it for the long-haul and work to establish friendships within the team. Members join a guild simply to benefit the progression of their character.

We want players who will make that extra dungeon run even though they no longer need anything from the instance, but gladly return nonetheless to help a teammate attain that oh so awesome piece of gear that has continued to elude him. We want players who are willing to post up at key locations to provide our forces with battlefield intel, even if at the time they would rather be on a siege team. While we will continue to make our best efforts to ensure players rotate duties that they may find less desirable, we are building a team and expect everyone to pitch in towards its benefit. The goal being to create a cooperative winning team so everyone can enjoy our victories.


guild rules


Age Requirement

Accursed Legion is looking for players who are mature and able to compose themselves in such a manner. Therefore we require members to be 16 to join.


No Cheating

Accursed Legion does not tolerate cheating. If a member of our guild is caught using an illegal third-party program or in-game exploit, he or she will be removed from the guild.

Our members will also not benefit from the cheating of non-gilded players. If you are in a pick-up raid/group/squad where players are exploiting, you are expected to leave said group. If you are leading a pick-up raid/group/squad where party members are cheating/exploiting you are required to remove them as soon as you are aware this is occurring. If a Legion member believes that one of our members is cheating/exploiting they are required to inform guild leadership as soon as it is possible.


Positive Gaming Environment

It is the duty of all members to ensure the guild maintains a positive gaming environment. We have a no-tolerance policy for drama; players who cause drama will be removed from the guild.


If a member has an issue with a person, policy or with something that has occurred within the guild it is his/her responsibility to approach leadership about the situation. When a member has an issue with a specific member of leadership he/she may contact another member of leadership to resolve the issue. Complaining to other members, openly arguing in voice comms or text or any other behavior that results in contributing to a negative environment will result in removal from the guild.


Members must be mindful of each other’s experience within the game. Before revealing any spoilers or game secrets, one must be sure that other members in the chat are versed on the subject or are otherwise ok with the information being revealed to them.


If a member becomes aware of an issue that may escalate or is aware of a member who is not following the guild rules he/she is required to advise leadership about the situation.



Open Door Policy

Leadership has an open door policy. If a member has an issue they can take it to any level of leadership though depending on the issue it may be advanced up the chain. We encourage members to determine what level of leadership can best resolve their issue and contact people accordingly.



Event Attendance

The guild will hold events throughout the week for our main branches; PvP, PvE, and Exploration. These events will host a starting time for any who wish to join in, and members must be present by this time to be counted as such. Although attendance is strictly voluntary for most events, we plan to introduce incentives for those who enlist and show up regularly to our PvP events. Leadership will be required to attend the events in which they are assigned leadership to.

There will also be occasions where members will be required to attend mandatory “non-scheduled” guild events. In the case that our personal keep is under attack, all online members at the time who are available (i.e. not in PvE scheduled event) will be called upon to defend our common interest.



Guild Representation

Before posting any content such as videos, articles, guides etc. Members are required to get permission from the Guild Leader.


Under no circumstances are members allowed to negotiate treaties or speak on behalf of the guild community in diplomacy. Diplomatic matters or issues involving other guilds should be brought to the Guild Leader.


As a member, everyone should assume that their actions on and off the battlefield reflect on the reputation of the guild itself. Therefore members are expected to act appropriately when in conversation with those outside of our guild as well as those within. There will be no trash-talking or trolling of other players. Continued harassment of others will result in removal from the guild.



Website and Forum Contribution

Members are urged to regularly visit and contribute to the Guild website. There will often be important information listed in the “Guild Announcements” section of the forums that members may wish to read. Members may also be requested to participate in public forums where we expect members to help provide constructive input to further build the community.



No Sharing Private Strategies or Information

We have a no tolerance policy for members who share sensitive subjects that may involve the guild or its members to anyone outside the guild. Sharing information from the private section of the forums or other known guild strategies to anyone outside of the guild without permission will result in removal from the guild.




All guild events will be operated during weeknights beginning at 8 pm EST and running to around 12 am EST, and on weekends at future specified times.


PvP Battles – Mon, Wed, Fri
PvE Raids – Tue, Thur
Exploration Parties – Sat, Sun


Anyone enlisted in the PvP program is required to report to their commanding officer by the start time and participate for at least 2 hours in order to be counted present. Officers must be able to report 30 minutes prior to the start and stay for the duration of the event.




  • Gunnolf_BloodmoonGunnolf_Bloodmoon Member Posts: 1
    CRAFTERS WANTED: We are in the process of building our Crafting Corps and we're looking for players who are interested in being a part of it. Our design will allow for power leveling of one Journeyman at a time for each craft, while Apprentices of all levels will receive materials to craft in order to level themselves up. Join now and get in early to get a jump on the action. You could be next in line to become a Trademaster!
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