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Pitiful excuse to be called anything a "game"

Like the title says, what an absolute pitiful excuse to be called anything a “game”.

I just tried this over two sessions past the "tutorial" last night.

Basically the whole game play is you move from one to four squares on a grid and then you have to wait four hours again to move because your “fear level” will be at 100%. And in the process one of your survivors might die because they injure themself just by walking around.
And then when you come back all your “survivors” might be dead because they had nothing to eat or drink.

Now think of the “Walking Dead” zombie world (that this game has nothing to do with) for a moment. They are survivors, they are for the most part pretty tough. In this game the “survivors” are anemic retarded weaklings.

There is no audio, the graphics are abysmal, the user interface is totally unintuitive.  Mind numbing stupid bad.

Really this “game” has been in “development” for over two years?
It hardly looks like anyone put two weeks into it.  

Complete waste of time to even look at, trust me, I warned you..

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