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[Adult][OXIDE]Mature Audiences Only[PvP][Sleepers][FastCraft][DoorSharing] New hardware TODAY Recent

wreatchwreatch Member UncommonPosts: 54
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New and improved Adult Mature Audiences Only Official server as of 2/21 new hardware new host, smooth as butter, OXIDE + plugins.

Server: net.connect

- This is an adults only server, and we will use our best judgement in
banning anyone that doesn't use the common sense of an adult.

- Microphones are required.

- Hackers/Dupers will be banned.

- Jerks will be banned. Griefing players off the server, or hurting a
new players chance at surviving here won't be tolerated. That being
said, we love PvP. We will be lenient here, but again we want people to
use good judgement.

Other examples of a jerk: Building on another active players house just to ruin it.

- We look forward to surviving with you!

We have a very active team of admins, and there will be absolutely ZERO
admin abuse. Most of the admins here have been gaming since at least
back to old school Ultima Online and Shadowbane days. We will look at
having some fun events down the road once the server populates.

We also have a 500 man TS3 server, and forums @

Try the extreme population servers, get a feel for what THAT is like, then come experience Rust on your own terms with us.


Do not go into the light

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