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[NA][DC]Black Legion Mercenary Company 21 and Older with Beer!

Gunslinger75Gunslinger75 Member UncommonPosts: 202

Black Legion Mercenary Company Website

Recruitment Video

What We Offer

  • Ten Year History
  • Drunken PvP
  • Events
  • Fart Jokes
  • Naughty Limericks
  • PvE Experience
  • PvP Experience (DAoC, WAR, WoW, Rift, SWTOR, EQ2, Tera, AoW, AoC, GW2)
  • WvW Experience (DAoC, WAR, GW2, AoW, AoC)
  • No Drama
  • Few Rules
  • Epic Loot
  • Good Times

About You

The thought of killing your enemies makes you happier than a virgin at the Bunny Ranch! You like drama almost as much as having bamboo shoots stuffed under your finger nails. You are looking for a guild that actually helps each other out. Giving your friends a little hell, and receiving it in turn doesn’t make you feel the need to shit your pants. You have the capacity to receive an order while engaged in combat, then execute said order without soiling your diapers. You have no problem using Teamspeak. You feel the need to contribute to your guild, more than just being a number. You are at least 21 years old.

About Us
Black Legion Mercenary Company is looking for people who meet the criteria above. We are looking for team players who want to contribute to the whole of the guild with no drama. Level and class are not important, the person behind the character is. You do not have to be the best at pvp. You do not have to know every intricacy of your class. All you need is the capacity to learn, the desire to excel and two opposable thumbs. We will train you.

Black Legion is composed of people aged 21 and older, though most of us are mid twenties up to fifties. We do not tolerate drama of any sort and strive to keep an adult atmosphere. We work on a one strike system. If a member acts the fool they get one strike. If they act the fool again they are out. Depending on the nature of the tomfoolery, the person may get booted on the first instance.

Black Legion strives to keep rules as well as drama to a minimum. With that said, you will not find a massive litany of rules or governing documents you have to abide by.  We do not expect you to play 24/7. You are an adult and we assume you have a life outside of whatever game it is you are playing with us.

If you want to play with a group of people that you will eventually consider friends join up. Black Legion is composed of many people with extensive MMO experience. Most of us have played from Ultima Online up through the latest offerings by video game companies. There remains one truth. In all the games we have played, we have been competitive end game.

PvP Policy

Our PvP policy is a simple one. Red is dead. No quarter is expected and none will be given. We strive to be the best crushing our foes under foot. Our PvP officers will whip you into proper form in no time leaving you with a thirst for blood. This thirst will leave some idiot sitting behind his computer hundreds of miles away cussing as he throws his keyboard across the room in a fit of anger.

PvE Policy

End game PvE is an extremely important part of all games. As such, we strive to finish all content and bring in the much coveted loot that we all desire. Fortune favors the brave! Our raid leaders are experienced through multiple end game MMO’s and we duplicate our success in all games.

We hope to stand with you shoulder to shoulder on the fields of battled.

Please visit the Black Legion Mercenary Company website for more info.





  • DealdrickDealdrick Member UncommonPosts: 85
    Sorry if I missed it, but which server will you be on and which faction will you choose?
  • Gunslinger75Gunslinger75 Member UncommonPosts: 202



    Hire Us Today

    If you wish to have the support of Black Legion Mercenary Company in your endeavors please follow the link below.



    Black Legion has filled a need for mercenary services in multiple MMO’s spanning the last 13 years.  There comes a time where a guild or individual needs reliable help that is hard to come across.  For the right amount of coin, Black Legion Mercenary Company will fill that void and perform any task required by the client.

    We have sieged or PvP’d in Ultima Online, DAoC, AoC, WAR, WoW, Rift, SWTOR, EQII,  and Age of Wushu.


    The Contract

    1. A contract is an agreement entered into by the client and Black Legion Mercenary Company.
    2. The contract is binding and requires a deposit no less than one half of the total fee.
    3. The fee is determined prior to entering into the contract.



    1. Fees are negotiated between the client and Black Legion Mercenary Company.
    2. Half of the fee is required as a deposit up front for services and is non refundable.
    3. Fees may be gold, crafting materials, armor, weapons or some combination.


    Services Available

    1. Keep Offensive – We help you take a keep of your choosing.
    2. Keep Defense – We help you fight to defend the keep of your choosing.
    3. Public Dungeon – We protect your members in one of Cyrodil’s public dungeons.
    4. Objective Assualt – We assault and take the objective of your choosing.  We hold it until you say otherwise.
    5. Objective Defense – We defend the objective of your choosing until you say otherwise.
    6. Emperor Coronation – We assault the final keep and help crown an emperor.
    7. Misdirection – We assault an objective or keep to draw attention away from the real target.
    8. Fill roles in PvE dungeon groups with our members.
    9. Anything you can dream of we will do.



    Black Legion Mercenary Company is available to be held on Retainer.  Being held on Retainer is when the client and BLMC agree upon a certain time period where BLMC will perform any and all services for that time period.

    1. The client and Black Legion Mercenary Company will agree upon a time frame in which BLMC will be contracted.  This is typically one day up to one week.
    2. BLMC will perform any and all services offered at the clients discretion during this time period.
    3. Retainer is on a first come first serve basis.
    4. Should BLMC be contracted on Retainer to two separate entities, the first contract established always takes precedence for servicing.
    5. If BLMC is already on Retainer when approached by another client seeking Retainer service, the prospective client will be made aware of the existing contract.  No details will be given on the contract itself however.



    Privacy is of the utmost importance.  Some clients do not wish to be a known associate of a mercenary company.  We understand this and work to prevent any information being leaked outside of the BLMC organization.  We have put the following precautions in place.

    1. Only the GM or CoGM will negotiate contracts.
    2. The only information passed to BLMC members will be what our objective is and when we need to hit that objective and complete it.
    3. Our PvP Officers will be given the assignment including the details of what is to be accomplished and they will set out to achieve the objective.
    4. When the objective has been captured the GM and or CoGM will be notified and the information will be passed to the client.
    5. Alternatively, if the client wishes to be in direct communication/control of our members, they can be invited into our Teamspeak server or via skype call under an alias and issue orders directly.

    We have performed mercenary work in Ultima Online, Age of Conan, Age of Wushu, Warhammer Online and various others.  In Age of Conan we actually bribed a member of another guild who had held a keep for months.  This member opened the front gate of the opposing guilds keep and we rushed in and took the keep.  We were paid by another guild, we arranged the bribe and then participated in the keep take.


    Fill Out A Contract

    If you wish to hire Black Legion Mercenary Company for work please click here and fill out an application.  You will be contacted within 24 hours to begin negotiations.



    We also took two Elder Scrolls





  • Gunslinger75Gunslinger75 Member UncommonPosts: 202

    To The Winner Goes The Spoils

    Svedka (Danielle) was chosen as our March 2014 Member Spotlight winner.  She was given some BLMC merch for being a great guildie and participating. One winner will be chosen each month.  I intend on providing gifts to each monthly winner.  Gifts under consideration so far are pj’s, stickers, posters, mice pads and MEAD!  Yes, the honey wine that Vikings drank in the days of old.  Mead, what the honeymoon was named after.

    Additionally, I intend on having a council that goes through the spotlight forms and makes each monthly decision on who wins.  The council will change each month so there is no favoritism.

    So, go fill out your spotlight form.   Here is the pics of Svedka…Enjoy!


  • Gunslinger75Gunslinger75 Member UncommonPosts: 202

    BMLC Square Logo

    All B.L.M.C. officers were chosen based on a few things.

    1. Real life experience
    2. Enthusiasm
    3. Time available
    4. Work ethic
    5. In game experience

    You may have been qualified on one or multiple of these categories. The bottom line is you were picked because we think you have what it takes to help make this guild awesome.

    Filrath and myself expect great things of you. More importantly, the members of the guild expect great things of you. Ultimately, they are the ones we have to keep happy and each and every one of us need to do what it takes to make that happen. Without members, there is no need for officers.

    Filrath and myself both have a hands off approach. You volunteered for the job, you are qualified to do it. So make it happen. We are willing to go with your ideas on how things should be done in your respective areas. You must also be willing to entertain ideas from the general populace of the guild. They are the reason the Officer Corps is here in the first place.

    Being an officer in BLMC has no benefits associated with it. You will not receive special treatment. All members of BLMC are treated the same no matter what rank in guild they have. The only thing you get from being an officer is the satisfaction of selfless service to the guild and making things better for all involved. That is what it means to be a Black Legion Officer.

    The Black Legion Officer Corps spans ten years going back to 2004. There are many former officers that have stuck around through the years. There are quite a few that will be serving in ESO that have served in previous games. If you have what it takes and fearlessly throw yourself into your duties you will always have a place as an Officer in Black Legion.

    As a BLMC Officer, you will be subject to periodic reviews. The members will be polled as to your effectiveness as well as willingness to help. Officers that don't live up to our standards will be removed and replaced by someone better suited for the job. If you are asked to step down, this is in no way a rebuke. Being a BLMC Officer is not for everyone. Not everyone has what it takes to make the grade. If you are replaced do not take it as an insult. Further, do not assume we want you to leave BLMC. If you gave the position your all and it just wasn't enough there is no harm done. You will still be a respected member of the BLMC community.

    Our Officer Corps is a diverse group that includes an IT Director, Business Development Manager, Politician, Registered Nurse, Electrical Engineer/Chief Electritions Mate, Doctor, former guild leaders and military veterans.

    With that I present the Black Legion Mercenary Company Officer Corps.

    Officer Corps

    GM - Mark/Filrath
    CoGM - Ed/Trajan

    Senior Officers
    Advisor - Lorewalker
    Advisor - Ray Wang
    Treasurer - Austin Wimberly
    Intelligence Officer - Doc
    General Officer - Carey/Chry

    PvP Officer - Smity, Craig/Stryden, Morgan
    PvE Officer - Shannon/Relic, Cody/Cnobez
    Crafting Officer - Heather/Falx, Max/Demonic
    Recruiting Officer - Lord MuddbutT
    Event Officer - Vacant
    Event Officer - Vacant

  • Gunslinger75Gunslinger75 Member UncommonPosts: 202

    Time For Another Member To Be Crowned

    Ladies and Gentlemen,

    It is hard to believe that a month has passed since Svedka was crowned the Member Spotlight Winner for March 2014.   Yet as we all know, time flies when you are having fun.  We try to have as much fun and get our members involved at all levels to build a familial bond.  Those bonds are the hardest to break.

    With the coming of April we see the launch of Elder Scrolls Online.  In the coming months we will push towards excellence in all things ESO.  Additionally, the coming of April brings a new Member Spotlight contest.  The member spotlight contest is for any member in Black Legion Mercenary Company who wishes to participate.  We try to pick a member each month to showcase on our front page.  

    Not only does the winner go on our front page, but prizes of some sort are given.  Last month Svedka received Black Legion Mercenary Company pajamas.  She does look mighty sexy in them if I do say so myself.  I am sure that is something we can all agree on.  In addition to BLMC merch, we are also brewing a nice 5 gallon batch of Vikings Blood Cherry Melomel.  This is mead with fruit folks.  Honey wine, the oldest alcoholic beverage known to man.  It will be mailed to your house when it finishes brewing on June 5th.

    Now is the time to go ahead and fill out a Member Spotlight Form to be considered for the month of April 2014.  If you are chosen, a picture of you will be requested.  Additionally, when your gift arrives a picture of you holding the gift or wearing it will be requested.

    So what are you waiting for?  Go ahead, dont be shy...Go fill out that form.


    Vikings Blood Cherry Melomel - Made for BLMC Members

    Does your guild do this for you?




  • Gunslinger75Gunslinger75 Member UncommonPosts: 202

    Potential New Members,

    This is a list of some of the things Black Legion Mercenary Company is and is not.


    BLMC Isn't

    Black Legion isn't a "Gaming Community" that has guilds in fifteen different games.

    Black Legion isn't a rigid organization full of pricks with poles up their asses.

    Black Legion isn't a politically correct bunch of pussies.

    Black Legion isn't going to have world first accomplishments.

    Black Legion does not suffer its members to tolerate douche bags for the sake of gaining loot.

    Black Legion does not care how 1337, leet, or awesome sauce you are.

    Black Legion members do not count in game accomplishments like real world accomplishments.  

    Black Legion does not suffer its ladies the attention of creepers.


    BLMC Is

    BLMC is a guild who play games together.  One game at a time.

    BLMC is organized without the power drama or struggles.  If you want to try your hand as an officer, let us know.  If we have a spot we will give you a shot.

    Black Legion is irreverant.  We do not comply with yuppy standards that everything must be politically correct.  That is pussy.

    Black Legion will complete all end game PvE content, and hold a keep in PvP.  Just like we do in every game we play.

    Black Legion will remove all douche bags with extreme prejudice.  We will then joke about the Douchebag in Teamspeak.

    Black Legion wants real people.  We do not want loot whores or ragers.

    Black Legion is a "Life comes first" guild.  Make sure you mow your lawn before playing games.

    Black Legion takes care of its members.  We have quite a few women.  We will kick you for creeping them.  This is not a dating service.  We will take screenshots of you creeping and post them in a public forum.


    Black Legion only has two rules.

         - Dont be a douche

         - Be at least 21 years of age

  • Gunslinger75Gunslinger75 Member UncommonPosts: 202



    You read it right!



    Black Legion Mercenary Company mustered up 2 full Kill Teams and with the help of Kip and his team, we assaulted and took the last EP keep standing.  Kip was crowned emperor and BLMC was paid for our support.



    If you wish to have the support of Black Legion Mercenary Company in your endeavors please contact Trajan or Filrath in game, or message us on our website.



    We Offer:



    Keep Defense



    Keep Assault



    Emperor Coronation - We help you take down the final keep



    Public Dungeon protection in Cyrodil



    You name it and we will do it for the rightt price.







    We accept multiple forms of payment
















    Fill Out A Contract



    If you wish to hire Black Legion Mercenary Company for work please click here and fill out an application.









    We also took two Elder Scrolls





  • Gunslinger75Gunslinger75 Member UncommonPosts: 202
    Free beer....Shaved gerbil here!
  • Gunslinger75Gunslinger75 Member UncommonPosts: 202
    Shaved Gerbil and a beer...or pot...we are open minded hahahahahaa.  Well, kinda open minded.
  • Gunslinger75Gunslinger75 Member UncommonPosts: 202
    Beer and shaved gerbils!  Last day!
  • Gunslinger75Gunslinger75 Member UncommonPosts: 202

    We would like to welcome the following members to the BLMC family.

    0ext0, Arris, Awb, Battlekitti, BearmanSpliffy, Bob Biscuit, Brandie, Brunio, Cavicorcoran, Capwn, Coveth, Dacx, Delfounse, Demonic, Doc, Dutch, Edge, Falx, Jawsbaws, Jello, Kainn, Kegufu, Marcq, Miapilot, Miro, MJ, Odelot, Phurba, Rabbott, Raipfruit, Rarisk, Redrage53, Rith, Sventar, Timmybrq, Valkas, Yingzikin71, Zerofaith, Zirk, Zoobiez, Zydro

    You guy’s are in for some seriously awesome times. With that, I would like to announce that we are planning our first “Drunken PvP” night in ESO. I will post the event on the calendar in the Eventspage once the details are hammered out.

  • Gunslinger75Gunslinger75 Member UncommonPosts: 202
    New day!  We are ready for the beta this weekend.  Why not join up today!
  • Gunslinger75Gunslinger75 Member UncommonPosts: 202
    Looking for more!
  • Gunslinger75Gunslinger75 Member UncommonPosts: 202
    closing recruitment soon!
  • Gunslinger75Gunslinger75 Member UncommonPosts: 202
    roger up, recruitment closes soon.
  • PsycheiPsychei Member Posts: 148

    I played FF14 with these guys, they are a great group. The GM is awesome I still occasionally talk smack to him on FB. If I were playing ESO I would join up with these guys again. You will not be disappointed with this crowd join them while there is time.

    PS: you all knew me as Turk

    Edit: On a side note if any of you guys pick up Wildstar look me up.

  • Gunslinger75Gunslinger75 Member UncommonPosts: 202
    Beta starts in 4 hours.  Join up and play with us.
  • Gunslinger75Gunslinger75 Member UncommonPosts: 202
    beta is up
  • Gunslinger75Gunslinger75 Member UncommonPosts: 202
    We will have people playing Wildstar!!!
  • Gunslinger75Gunslinger75 Member UncommonPosts: 202
    Last beta is done with.  Now is the time to join up.
  • Gunslinger75Gunslinger75 Member UncommonPosts: 202
    once you get through all of the garbage, go ahead and visit our website and apply.
  • Gunslinger75Gunslinger75 Member UncommonPosts: 202
    bring it folks.
  • Gunslinger75Gunslinger75 Member UncommonPosts: 202
    in the midnight hour...she cried MORE More more!!!
  • Gunslinger75Gunslinger75 Member UncommonPosts: 202
    screw the key words people try to lure you in with.  We are a bunch of guys and gals telling dick/fart jokes wrecking colons.  You want to be a part of it or not?  Don't apply if you are at all politically correct.  You wont last long.
  • Gunslinger75Gunslinger75 Member UncommonPosts: 202
    another beautiful day.  Lets roger up folks.
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