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It is a real shame GolfStar is going away -- any other good such games?

centkincentkin Member RarePosts: 1,526

Well if you played, this is the last weekend you can play it anymore.  I always thought this one was a bit better than pangya (especially the way in that game you are expected to tom in shots) and shot online. 


It always surprises me with just how much the golf games cost to play that they bounce around so much.  I mean you would think they would be cash cows.


Other than WGT, Pangya, and Shot Online, what is out there these days?  I mean is Pangya even around (I see it switched to gamerange? from ntreev)?  Shot Online is old as sin and has the looks to match, and WGT was always second rate in my eyes. 


  • jitter77jitter77 Member UncommonPosts: 340

    There are 3 games that I know of in development.........I am a big fan of golf games and have been playing heavily since links 2001.  Anyways here is what I know of at the moment. 

    Games Campus is making another game with the Crysis 3 engine called "Winning Putt"  (formerly called tour pro golf I think) .  It was in closed beta in Korea and is supposed to be released before the end of the year.  Updates have been very sketchy with this game as I have known about it for a few years.  The website is www.winningputt.com

    2nd game is called perfect parallel golf.  I have not been following this game much lately so I am not sure of its status, but here is the link.  http://www.perfectparallel.com/

    3rd game which I recently found is called "the golf club game."  This game appears to have a lot of potential and an open beta is supposed to be out in spring this year with closed betas going on now.  If you ever played MS Links then this one appears to be the best bet as there is a course designer and what not.  Also the developers talk to and listen to the community.  It will be available on steam, Xbox one and PS4.  It is curently lacking in game modes, but the devs are open to adding / expanding stuff readily.  Here is the link be sure to check out the forums.  http://thegolfclubgame.com/

  • centkincentkin Member RarePosts: 1,526

    So then what game are you currently playing golfwise.


    I mean I started GolfStar when it was in beta.  While it was cash grabby at least you could game the system by buying boxes and selling the parts that came out individually and using the proceeds to buy boxes.  Thankfully GS did not get a ton of money out of me.

    Albatross 18 on the other had was a game I enjoyed back in the old old days, then they picked up Cabal which became its number one then they dropped A18.  Ntreev eventually took it over but I lost my character and was not all that interested in spending real money on it.  It is now owned by someone else even yet again.  Really I liked it in the albatross 18 days because even talking formulas was completely illegal.  Then it opened up to the world and everyone charted.

    Shot Online is the game with the low graphics and high HIGH pricetag.  Yes I played it for a while and gave them too much money but tired of it. 

    WGT never held any interest for me.

    Of course I liked hot shots golf back on the playstation 2(it lost some interest when you couldn't play online anymore).  Hot shots golf on the PS3 was goofier with the rabbits and turtles, and was never as good as fore.

    I actually go back to the golf cart and miniature golf cart on the atari 2600 of all things.

  • jitter77jitter77 Member UncommonPosts: 340
    I play nothing at the moment other than some games on my tablet.  There is a golf star on tablet, and I cant remember the other decent game.... I never liked Golf Star much.  I liked the concept, but I always had trouble finding games and with the leveling process in general.  I did enjoy Pangya several years ago, but it is pretty dead last I looked.  I liked it because I learned from stuff from some of the Korean players.  That game was really mathematical so it became a challenge to calculate the shots properly.   I also never really got into WGT.  I played it for a bit, but just wasnt for me I guess.  I played shot online pretty much when it first came out.  I played it heavily for many years and then it really started to become too much cash shop oriented.  I went back to it for a bit and had some fun, but I dont have the money to compete with the top players anymore.  No matter how good you are skill wise you just cant compete with people who are several levels above you.  Shot online is also really dying right now.  I check the forums every so often and its pretty sad reading some of the posts.  I really hope the Winning Putt comes out soon.  There are some gameplay videos on youtube.
  • centkincentkin Member RarePosts: 1,526

    Well when a whole genre dies usually something will step in to fill the void.  I can't believe everyone just simultaneously lost interest in MMO golf games. 

    I will say I was disappointed that they did not have a hot shots golf for playstation 4.  If they had a hot shots golf launch title I might have bought a PS4.  As it is I see no reason at all to get one.

    What I liked about pangya was the music.  Several of the courses had great music.  What I disliked most was what you liked -- it was too easy to calc a 1 wood tom into the hole.  It simply was ludicrous that all you really needed was a putter and a 1 wood and you didnt need the putter if you played it right.

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