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looking for a game

tamir1400tamir1400 Member Posts: 5

ok, this thread might seem stupid, but oh well.


 anyways, i just feel like trying a new game, but honestly, most of the games seems like a different version of WOW

i look at some final fantasy real reborn gameplay, and honestly, it doesn't seem bad, but i just don't wanna have to right click some monsters, get some gold, do this all over again until i'm level 50.

i guess what i'm trying to say is that i'm looking for something abit different. more skill based

i have to say that darkfall seemed interesting, but as it seems not too many people play DF:UW so i don't wanna join a game that seems abit dead.


i just wonder is there's any game out there that's abit unique and worth a shot trying?


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