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Are there no official forums?

ArchaegeoArchaegeo Member UncommonPosts: 233
Just curious.

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  • AirwrenAirwren Member UncommonPosts: 648
    Originally posted by Archaegeo
    Just curious.


    Not yet, they have the beta forums which will be transition to the 'official forums' once we get closer to the launch date, and there is always the possibility the forums won't officially open until after the release date. 

  • ArchaegeoArchaegeo Member UncommonPosts: 233
    Wish purchasing the digital imperial got ya into the fulltime beta :)

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  • [Deleted User][Deleted User] UncommonPosts: 0
    The user and all related content has been deleted.
  • SpottyGekkoSpottyGekko Member EpicPosts: 6,912
    Originally posted by greenreen

    Beta testers are using the forums on the main site.

    They put a temp version up here if you want it on a sister site with the same group.


    Edit: Oh look, people are already asking for nerfs in one topic , that was fast.


    Please nerf Khajiit racials


    There's something about 200 posts over there I've heard people talk about. Either around 200 the thread auto locks or a mod locks it. Something about keeping the info fresh so they don't get into the 30 pagers like this place can. You can't get as in-depth there it seems.

    Let's face it, once early access starts (or launch) and the official forums open, no post will stay on the front page of any section for more than 5 mins, lol

    There are going to be a LOT of questions asked, as non-ES players collide with the ESO UI and game design.

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