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Cliff Bleszinski is Done With Making Disc-Based Video Games and is Moving on to PC Steam



  • stevebombsquadstevebombsquad Member UncommonPosts: 884
    Originally posted by Kevyne-Shandris
    Originally posted by MindTrigger
    Never going to happen.  I'm a 21 year IT professional, and physical media is nothing but a nightmare.

    A tech in 5 years can make those statements moot, and you'll a be a wiser 26 IT professional (what  IT "professional" is 21 years-old?).


    Here's a question for you: do you think "clouds" are diskless?


    Physical media will always exist. We sure didn't get rid of paper with the computer, despite all the promises.

    You really are clueless about this. Sure physical media will exist, but only at the manufacturer or service provider level. It is so much more cost efficient and cheaper with digital distribution. There is only a fraction of the overhead. To think different is ludicrous. 

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  • CazNeergCazNeerg Member Posts: 2,198

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