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RageKO is a light farm/pk server. It's new ( opened a week ago ) and it has no lags at all, bug-free and the server has active friendly staff that are doing their best for your entertainment. Donators aren't overpowered and the population grows from a day to day. PK is fun and there are always a bunch of people in CZ. So give a try and we are pretty sure you won't ever regret it! :)


Drop list:


Server TeamSpeak3 :


You can create your own permanent TeamSpeak channels! =)




RageKO Forum:

RageKO Panel:

RageKO Facebook:



Basic server informations:



~ You'll level to 83 at worms.

~ You will have starter armors & uniques that will be listed in details below.

~ It will be easy to get better gears by killing bosses!

~ PUS & Vote System working fine!

~ No bugs, lag & cheat free!

~ Different types of armors ( highest to lowest ): 

1) Valkyrie

2) Dragon Flight/Mythril/Ron & Trial's,

3) Gryphons

4) Shells



~ Different types of weapons ( highest to lowest ):

1) Undefeatable weapons

2) Selfname / Juraid / FT Weapons

3) High Class Weapons ( Shards / Raptor / Iron Impact / Elixir, etc )






Starter Items:




Shell Set

Iron bow+10

2x Shards+10

Starter Uniques Set.




Shell Set


Starter Unique Set





Shell Set 

Chitin Set 

Paper Set 

Scorpion Shield +0 

Iron Impact 

Priest Impact 

Starter Unique Set




Shell Set

Chitin Set

Paper Set


Wood Staff

Starter unique set






We will provide events such as:



Border Defense War, you'll be rewarded with 1,500 NP's



Castle Siege War, the whole winning clan members who attend the CSW will be rewarded with 2000 NP's


Upgrade Rates:

+1 to +9 = 100%

+9 to +10 = 45%



Upgrade Rates WITH Trina:

+1 to +10 = 100%




+1 to +4 = 100%

+4 to +5 = 75% 



Trina can be obtained from Atrosses / Riotes with low rate, or last option you've got is Vote-System/PUS.



Stay tuned, Knights!

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