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question about dual core AMD processors.

cichy1012cichy1012 Member UncommonPosts: 334

Just curious is Amd dual core processors are still adequate for gaming.. I have a amd x2 6400 that i wanted to give to a friend cause he was running a 3800+. wondering if spending 125.00 for a mobo and motherboard for a quad core x4 and motherboard will be worth it, or just give him the motherboard i have and x 6400.

guess what im asking is i have a crossfire mobo and amd x2 6400 with 4 gigs or corsair and new graphics card i can give him.


still adequate for gaming.? Im not sure cause its been in the bone yard for some time now.




  • syntax42syntax42 Member UncommonPosts: 1,378

    The Athlon 64 X2 6400 was released in August of 2007.  That makes it over five years old.  Gaming on anything more than five years old is a gamble, as you are just hoping the games are designed to run on your hardware.

    You can look at benchmarks to get an idea of how the CPU compares to modern processors.  For example, passmark.com rates the Athlon 64 X2 6400 at 1807 at the time of writing this.  One of the most popular CPUs for use in gaming builds in the past 18 months, the i5-3570K, scores 7184 without overclocking.  An older laptop AMD APU, the A8-4500M scores 2695.  

    If your friend has absolutely no money to spend, they might be satisfied gaming on your old system.  If they have some money, a build based on newer technology will definitely outperform your system.  I would start by looking towards the AMD APU systems, as you can save some money by using the decent integrated GPU while still getting acceptable performance for modern MMOs.

    I would not throw a new graphics card in a system with a processor that old.  The CPU won't be able to keep up with the GPU, thus wasting the potential performance the GPU can offer.

  • RidelynnRidelynn Member EpicPosts: 7,143

    New games coming out today are listing a high speed Athlon XP dual core as the absolute minimum required to run the game.

    Note: minimum means it will run, but not well, and depending on their definition of run, it may not even be playable.

    If your friend has nothing else at all and it cost no money to give it to them and use, then sure - Free beats Costs every time. But if you gotta sink money into it... I wouldn't.

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