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y2k fixed ? 30%?

drbaltazardrbaltazar Member UncommonPosts: 7,856
OK ! I read viewed a lot of issue gamer audiophile videophile met over the years ! What felt like irelevent in the y2k era was probably not as small as expected .back then 720p was max.but having seen the latest beta face the scrutiny of very well equipped reviewer ,so far audiophile videophile and gamer can't say what they are viewing but in almost all case close or afar ms is related to the issue.just looking at the listing of tool that were made later to fix those is enough to understand that something was never fixed .it affect everything yet is subtle .I am one of those that taught invariant tsc had fixed the problem .nope it only covered it deeper but still affect everything ,jaged edge,stutter ,tearing are some of the symptom .with the latest Xbox patch and still no fix ! Does this mean that these problem aren't fixable by Microsoft ? With uhd gaming a few month away uhd will only worsen the performance of a given hardware .are there viable fixed alternative ? As far as I saw the only potential is steam os .(on the condition that Linux hardcore look into this synchronicity issue!does it mean we re stuck with this decade old problem ? Be it on any form of gaming ?
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