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Something wrong with search filters?

russ1struss1st Member Posts: 47

I used filter for distribution model payment types: only allowing browser download omitting retail and freeitem mall omiting subshybrid I assumed that I would get free games with microtransactions and w/o any initial fee.

1. Browser distribution model is one where I don't need to download game client and can play from browser for free.

2. Download distribution model is one where I can download game from site w/o any pre-pay requirements.

3. Retail is where I have to buy game b4 I can do anything with it.


Yet I found some odd games that have both retail and download distribution models.  How can I download them for free  if they have retail price on them& From other hand why they taged as freedownload if they are b2p games?

If you need and examples : The Witcher 3, Wasteland 2


If distribution model is not what I meant then can we have a filter for "Retail price" field too?  For example to exclude b2p games from free game section or vise versa to include only b2p games into search results.

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