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Greed Monger (time for another thread)



  • JamesPJamesP Member UncommonPosts: 592
    Originally posted by goboygo
    Originally posted by Wizardry

    That is why that type of money up front is NEVER a good idea.You should not even wrap your head around that game,just file it under  the type of business you  don't want to support.

    Leave pre-game support to the big investors who can afford to lose money.

    Game development is VERY costly if done well but i think MANY people are fooled into thinking 100k can't do much to fool an average gamer's eye.

    You can EASILY  block out a large game world with some land/water textures and a few models like trees and bush.it does not take any money at all aside from maybe paying 1-2 people to help you.

    A skilled modeler can make an animated model in no time,so they can build a map,put in a character,cloth it and fake people into thinking there is some great game that awaits.They can even make a few assets like a castle or house  or even use prefab models free off the internet.

    If you ever check out Epic games Epic Citadel,it is an amazing piece of work of a small village,it took ONE guy a month,yet these so called kick starter games can't show us anything remotely that good with  team and several months into it.

    We see so many people crying about others posting negative comments,well what do they think marketing is?Marketing is a process to mislead and coerce people into buying their product.I wish people would quit falling into marketing traps and let the rich make the game,then decide to support it when it is DONE.

    Every screen shot I've see for this game is either purchased assets still rendered in max or blender or just using Unity or hero's default models assets.  The screen shots of the girl standing there with a weapon is the ready made model from Heroengine, anyone can spend 199 bucks log into a hosted hero server and take that screenshot.  The other screen shots appear to be made in Unity with some asset store models, again anyone could set that up in hour. He switch back and forth a couple of times between engines.  My guess is that Heroengine proved to difficult to work with (uses its own scripting language) and is actually a pretty complex environment.  Unity supports c#, java and its own language much easier to develop in.


    I haven't seen anything original yet.

    Have you seen any Screenshots with our UI in place... Our UI is 100% custom! Have you seen any screenshots with our Housing Modules... Our Housing Modules represent $20,000 worth of CUSTOM work done for the game all because the community wanted Modular Housing. I am in the process of creating a Custom Day/Night Cycle designed for use over the Network. Granted we are using alot of Bought Assets that we bought from the Asset Store but who cares... The great thing about Unity IS the asset Store and the fact that you can take advantage of a very talented community of 3d modelers who make their assets available through the Asset Store. The only difference between getting stuff off of the Asset Store and hiring a 3rd party to create stuff for us is that we don't own sole rights to it. All that means is that the price for the work is cut down because they have multiple people licensing it.

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