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[DAOC] Camelot's Legacy

I'm a oldie, a sucker for the Classic DAOC and SI days.

As a current subscriber to DAOC Live, I began to think of ways that it could be better, rewind time and bring back the old school style.
I have built a team of friends and even picked up a former-mythic employee, we have began working on a server for free. There is no charge to join and no charge to play! It is all solely funded by myself for the love of the game.
I am a truly down to earth guy and my team is well open to ideas and suggestions for improvement, we pledge to be fully open and active on the forums to talk to the players, so please check us out.

Camelot's Legacy

The server is currently offline, we are currently patching up bugs that we have found, and testing for stability. PLUS making changes to the game to be like it was back in the days, with slight hint of things that annoyed us back then changed :P

Obviously we would love to hear from you guys for when the server goes live. The server will be your server, I don't like to make changes if the players on the server don't like it.
The website is about 80% complete with scripts and pages out of order for the time being, but they will be finished for when the server goes live.
Currently we don't plan on having a low cap level, but we will daily up the cap level and test for problems.

Spread the word, and help us make a server that you want.

Thank you for reading

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