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Velvet Sundown Drama MMO First Look

SilentstormSilentstorm Member UncommonPosts: 1,126

Velvet Sundown First Look

Play Velvet Sundown Here

I can't say I really have a valid description for this game. I guess my best attempt would be a Drama MMORPG. You take on the role of a random actor in an set scenario. The goal is social interaction with other players. So you can complete the quest of that said actor. A long the way of doing that uncover the scenario and complete it. You will also be given side quests to take on leading to the climax.

This game leans strongly on getting a long with other gamers. If you act like a D-bag or don't know how to play your part. You will end up not having much fun in this game. I see no real progression in this game. Beyond playing your part and having fun with the social interaction. If you're a fan of Myst Clue or other games with thriller elements. This game may just be for you.

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