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DAOC UI Scaling in 1920x1080

SneekysniperSneekysniper Member UncommonPosts: 3



I just started this game and I love this feeling of nostalgia. It honestly seems more refreshing to me than all these new MMOs coming out that I've already tried, I don't understand why I get bored of them so fast. Anyway....


Absolutely love the gameplay, am on a 14 day free trial but I only have one gripe with the game so far. The damn UI is too tiny when I run the game in 1920x1080, is there anyway to make the UI scale up as you get into a higher resolution. The UI is awesome but for some windows you cant make them larger or smaller which kinda sucks. Sick of squinting at the map, no I dont want to sit closer to my computer hah.



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