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Tired of hackers and admin abuse? join {Ascends}2-11Wipe/Starter/PVP/SLP/No grief/24-7Admins/No Abus

FutilleFutille Member Posts: 12

{Ascends} Start kit/PVP/SLP/24-7 Admins/No Admin Abuse server is now live.


Server Features:

Starterkit /w 5x cooked food, Stone hatchet, and a sleeping bag



No Base griefing

24/7 admins

30 player airdrops

Cheatpunch Activated

We were tired of playing in servers that were constantly having hacker problems, because there was never an admin online. As well as admin abuse by spawning items for friends or even having worked so hard on our base/armory just to have a random server wipe. So we decided to start our own. 

We run multiple admins which means we will have an admin on all the time to get rid of any hacker(s) there may be. 

There will be absolutely no admin abuse, admins will not be permitted to give drops to anyone at all. Teleporting will only be used in the case of a suspected hacker. 
Server wipes will be done on a set schedule unless there is an update to the game which requires us to do so (which can and probably will happen because Rust is still in Alpha testing)

We have a Forum for all players to utilize to Report hackers /w proof, discuss issues and server tips, or just to become a part of our community!

If you have any questions feel free to add me on steam, post here or check out our forums!

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