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[EU]Start 12.02/StarterKit/PVP/Sleepers/InstaCraft/Airdrop15+

fadeyofadeyo Member Posts: 1
Hello everyone!

Who we are:

We are 3 guys from Switzerland, who got pretty addicted to Rust. We have hundreds of hours played time and it still didn't get boring.
But in the last few weeks we got more and more tired of the abusive admins and the hackers on every server, So we decided to rent our
own Rust server make it better! ;)


-Rust ++ Mod
-Instant Crafting
-Sleepers ON
-Airdrop 15+
-Starter Kit (Stone Hatchet, Sleeping Bag, Bandages)
-100 slots (for now)
-new server (12.02.14)
-Wipes: Only when required for updates
-Server Backups (daily)
-Active Admins (no abuse since admins cant spawn items, only kicks, bans and tp if necessary)
btw we want to recruit 2-3 more admins.. so if ur rly active on the server and a nice guy, add me on steam so we can have a talk ^^


- only English or German in global chat
- Cheating/Exploiting will result in a permanent ban

How to connect:
1. Press F1 ingame to open the console
2. Copy/paste net.connect

Hope we see u soon online :D

if ur not looking for a new server, but still want to help us in a way: vote for us
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