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[US/CAN]+SnoWMens+ NEWLY WIPED 02/11! | VANILLA Drops | Pvp, Sleep, Economy, Airdrops | Active Admin

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[US/CAN]+SnoWMens+ NEWLY WIPED 02/11! | VANILLA Drops | Pvp, Sleep, Economy, Airdrops | Active Admins |Noob Friendly!!


Come and join our freshly wiped server so you can start early before we start the events! New players are always welcome to our server, since our community is really friendly and allows you to build up your base before joining all the action! Our server contains several mods to ease your playing experience but the drops are kept vanilla except for rare C4. We have many events planned for the future when our server gains a stable population.


A few of the events planned are : 


[B]Maze[/B] : 6 people put into a maze and is a fight to the death.

[B]Last Man[/B] : Participants are given temporary M4 and Kevlar and are teleported into an arena to play last man standing.


The winners of these weekly future events will get rare loot! We also have a loot house where confident players will be notified when rare loot is placed in the house, so that you can compete with others to get the it




To connect to our server, type into the F1 Console : [B]net.connect[/B]




The features that our server contains are :


VANILLA drops (Rare C4)

100 Slot Server



Instant Crafting

Oxide Mods


Sleepers are ON

Weekly Events

Frequent Airdrops

No Admin Abuse (Admins DO NOT play)

Friendly and Active Admins and Community!




We have two rules in our server :


[B]No Griefing.[/B]

[B]No Hacking.[/B]


If you break either one of these rules, you will be instantly banned. We run a purely hack and grief free server.




Visit our website for updates on the server! 


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