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Couple of questions

Trying to rearrange my HUD but can't. I click on the rearrange HUD it goes to the screen but it won't let me have a curser to move things. All the boxes are there but I can't grab them and move them around, the curser just moves the entire screen around.

Maybe someone can answer this question. I have an Alien PC and whenever I turn the game on it turns off my backlit keyboard and only lights it in red when I'm about to die! Is this just the normal game play or should I contact the Devs to find out why it does this. Ruins my evening play. I can't see the keys with the lights off! :)


  • mohit9206mohit9206 Member UncommonPosts: 56
    After clicking re-arrange HUD click ALT key then it will give you the mouse cursor to re-arrange the HUD.
  • ahmpizzedoffahmpizzedoff Member Posts: 9

    Tried that and it doesn't work. It just clears the screen and sends me back into the game. Tried all their instructions when you open the HUD manager and none of them work. I originally thought it may have had something to do with this laptop and  it crappy Win8 but it does the same thing on my PC with Win7. Looks like I'll have to go to the game support and see what they say.

    Thanks for the help though. Appreciate it.

  • ChadiwickerChadiwicker Member UncommonPosts: 80

    You might also want to try posting in the official forums. Some of the people there can be very helpful.

  • kiernkiern Member UncommonPosts: 428

    It seems to be bugged at the moment.  There are a couple of workarounds.  One is to use the /killme command and access the Rearrange Hud screen while the call for help dialogue box is still up.  Something a little easier is to hit the Escape key, then spam the J key (or any other key that brings up a window) and click the Rearrange HUD button.  Stop spamming the key as soon as it's open. You should then see the HUD control interface with the window open in the middle of it. You should also have full control of your cursor.


    Important: Make sure to stop spamming immediately when the window opens or you may close the window again and lose control of the cursor.

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