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[US/CAN] AlphaQ NEW/WIPED! 02/08 | Rare C4+MilitaryWeapons| Sleep, PvP, InstantCraft, FrequentAirdro

DorksterDorkster Member Posts: 6

IP : net.connect


Just come play and you'll find out how amazing your RUST world can be. It'll never get boring because of friendly players and active admins bothering you every now and then. We will try our very best to help you create many amazing, fun and bloody memories. Very noob friendly!.. for now. So hurry up and join so you can be prepared to participate in the events that we will be hosting in the near future.

We have (currently in construction) a unique Loot Building at the Hangar for more fun and games with a rare loot at the top of the building! It is a maze and has obstacles, and you should watch your back because you never know who is waiting there to kill you.. Jokes. Admin abuse = no. 

Events that we are planning are :

- Saw : 6 people put into a maze and is a fight to the death.
- Last man standing : Participants are teleported into an arena and play last man standing.

The winners of these events will receive rare drops and prizes so you should play now and start grabbing some weapons to be prepared, because you play with what you have.


If you have any questions feel free to PM one of our friendly admins.

Bun Bo Hue

How To Connect

1. F1 to open Rust console
2. Type in : net.connect


Rare C4
Rare Military Weapons
100 Slot Server
Instant Crafting
Oxide Mods
Sleepers are ON
Bounty is On
Decay is OFF
Weekly Events
Airdrops Begin when 20 people are on the server
Friendly and helpful Admins!


No Griefing : You can raid and screw around with other people all you want but an ABSOLUTE NO to blocking people's house entrances or putting your door in their doorway.
NO HACKERS : We will know if you're hacking and we will kill you. Hackers are banned on the spot. 

Visit our website for updates on the server!

Give us a try! You wont be disappointed!

P.S. If you don't understand our server name.. just say it out loud and you'll understand. ;)


  • DorksterDorkster Member Posts: 6
    Admins do not play on this server so theres no admin abuse. Server is still fresh so come give us a try! and hope you'll like it enough to stay! 
  • DorksterDorkster Member Posts: 6
    everybody is off sleeping! so if you join get ready for tmr! have fun and good night guys!
  • DorksterDorkster Member Posts: 6
    This is a admin abuse free server! Come and get to know us and have fun!
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