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How Guild Wars 1 teaches its players.

gopegope Member Posts: 40

After the post on Guild Wars 2 have no basic level teaching mechanics or instances,and zerging doesn't help it either.Which resorts in players with no understanding of the basics entering the hard content and constantly dying or fail the encounter.



but apparently no one got the message in the previous one.

But this is the deal i love Guild Wars.Even If my friends left Guild Wars 2 for DCUO and Rift.Making me play alone Guild Wars 2 and 2 extra mmos with my friends.But i still love my Guild Wars.

And being that Guild Wars was one of if not the best,do sadly not one of the popular.Being that,I am going to explain you how Guild Wars handles the problem.

The second you start the game it gives you a tutorial on mmos.Leave the tutorial and you will end up in the starter zones.Which are dedicated not only in teaching you the mechanics,but also the basics of your first and secondary class.Leave that and you will end up in your a  instance,known as a mission.

Missions had two rules.First the better you do the in Mission the bigger is the reward at the end.Second if you do the bonus objectives you get a extra reward at the end.AT THE END OF THE MISSION!Do i have to say more?

After passing though few of this missions,you will get to the part many Guild Wars players named the Ascension.This part will force you to revision and master the mechanics,or the basics.Things like the what different types of mobs can do,what to avoid,pulling,what to do with conditions and hexes and what are the differences between enchantment and buffs.Pass though that and you can now change you secondary and go in to the Realms of the gods,or Hard Mode Missions.

If you want you can go to sorrow's furnace for more info,but many including myself will tall you to start with fissure of woe,or FOW.Ones you start surely some one will be willing to  help by teaching you the advance staff,of course putting you in a support or spike roll at the start.And if you ask  people will help to get the obsidian armor.Which in truth be tolled has no bigger statistic value then a level 20 armor,max level cap.And it's more for easing you in finding group.

The reason why this system works is in its ability to teach new players basics without  any of the complications.

lets face it if i or any one capable started teaching you  basics explanations and wiki simple wont work.I will first have to show you the steps and have you try it.Then i will have to put you in scenarios and content covering that.Yes it can be done,but why?Because not only it takes time from playing the game,but also requires  the will to do it,which many of you don't have.That why such systems are needed.As you play though the easy parts of game you  build up your basic skills,than you hit a little bump so you slow down and learn them.Painless and quick!

Also that makes the development easer and quicker,because the teams are not wondering if the players have the skill for the content.Allowing them to make from easy to hard content with large diversity and variation.

Also every one is around the same level of skill without dumbing down or excluding.Which makes a stronger and tighter community.Which allows people from the meta and lore to meet without any barriers.Which gives more power to the developers,because they know everyone is on the same page.

Directly speaking a better community and game.

Of course there were some bad apples,but for a reason we call them swecers.

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