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Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn: Signed Collector's Edition and NVIDIA GTX 650 Giveaway!



  • RzaaRzaa Member Posts: 1
    FFVII is my favourite out of all and my favourite moment will forever be when Squall and Rinoa are together. It's so romantic!, everyone please check out FFVIII.
  • Focus*BankaiFocus*Bankai Member Posts: 219
    When i logged in and saw the beautiful world.
  • NakoSuriNakoSuri Member Posts: 1

    My favorite moment in FFXIV was getting to Ifrit for the first time in the game's story. That's not to say it's my favorite fight in the game, it was just so incredibly epic. It was back in August when everyone was still leveling too, so there were tons of low level characters.

    It was a lot of fun to find a group of people and head in there for the first time. I remember being pleasantly surprised at how challenging it was for an introductory boss fight. The atmosphere was intense, the bowl of embers looks awesome and Ifrit's design in ARR is one of my favorites to date, and I've been a huge fan of the series for 15 years. The music was the icing on the cake, I was not at all expecting it and it matched the overall mood perfectly. We killed him after 3-4 tries and even though there was no loot, it got me super excited for whatever else was coming in future dungeons/boss fights. Also  made some friends that day.  That was by far my favorite moment!

  • genghiskrongenghiskron Member UncommonPosts: 5

    I remember first getting FF Tactics for the Gameboy Advance original. That game just swept me away to a harsh and strategic, and really quite amazing world of FF. The lore, creatures, and characters were so well depicted and the gameplay was unmatched at the time. Team composition and movement were all integral parts of the game and I got the exact same feelings from playing in the FFXIV beta just before launch.

    I slowly grew up and moved to console games and played 7, X, X-2, etc and those all just 'spoke' to me. RPG's could really be incredible, heart breaking stories with fantastic visuals and also incredibly rewarding for the duration of their play through. (Excited for FFXV anyone? :] )

    I played the beta for FFXIV and was blown away by the visuals, the combat (exactly what I had been looking for in an MMO) and unfortunately was unable to upgrade my graphics card or pay for the game, so I opted not to buy it right off the bat. I've been following the updates with the game ever since the relaunch and I must say that it continuously impressed me both pre-launch and post-launch. The director seems to have a clear idea of what he wants to present to his audience, how he must do this, and why this approach is working and will continue to work.

    I've loved MMOs for a long time, and this game seemed like a perfect blend of solid, group focused, PvE that was strategic and 'slower' just like it's predecessors, yet, it was in a vast world with lots of players and plenty of room for interaction. I've been longing for another session in any form of the FF universe and this game seemed to have been it, lack of funds and obligations stopped me from pre-ordering back when. Keep up the good work! 

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  • Revya-HirhoRevya-Hirho Member Posts: 1

    I remember it vividly. Every moment. We gathered in Camp Bronzelake, seven of my free company mates and I. One of us had found a peisteskin map so naturally we decided to check it out. It was one of my first treasure hunts and I wasn't quite sure what to expect. I definitely wasn't expecting to run into a chimera in that cave. The battle was quick and clean. I was a little nervous when more monsters came to defend the chest, but in the end we prevailed and the treasure was ours! This is only half of the story. Afterword, we went to the Black Shroud and went after another treasure and were met with much success. It was what happened after this that burned this day into my memory. After claiming the treasure, we found an unattended level 20-something FATE and decided to take it on. Some of us switched classes, I can't remember if I did or not. I assume I kept on playing dragoon. Unlike the other battles, the FATE was a disaster. In the end, no one decided to play healer for the fight and we were overtaken by a horde of monstrous sentient mushrooms and a gigantic ochu. At the end it was just our little lalafell black mage running in circles with the entire horde of monsters behind him (very screenshot worthy). It was a humbling experience, but in the end we all laughed about it.

  • BobbinTBobbinT Member Posts: 1

    I was and still fan of Final Fantasy series, and each has delivers their masterpiece of storytelling that is always memorable. My biggest awe still remains with Final Fantasy 6 which I personally dubbed as the "Lord of the Rings" of Final Fantasy, with Final Fantasy 9 came close as my 2nd favorite having taken every memorable element of the past Final Fantasy series.


    My 1st foray into MMORPG starts with Final Fantasy XIV 1.0 version. Admittedly, I got this game at very cheap price due to low rating this game has. But being 1st MMO, the world is simply stunning. And I love my hometown, Gridania, which feels serene and peaceful. The forest of Black Shroud actually feels like what I remembered as childhood when I once lost in a real forest.

    The other region are also beautiful, and I especially like La Noscea upper region where the "On Windy Meadows" melody plays that makes me like a real adventurer.

    And I followed my adventure to the end, where effects of Dalamud has corrupted most of the land. And the pinnacle was the "End of Era" which saddens me with the lost of great elder figure which I would call as my dearest friend, the great Louisoix. ; ;


    Meanwhile, friends I met during my XIV 1.0 days also introduced me to another quite old fantasy realm called Vana'diel, which is the setting of Final Fantasy XI. Albeit a little shameful that I should have journeyed this world, I did finally taken my 1st step into this world, when Dalamud had scorched the land of Eorzea. And I find this world of Vana'diel, are really vast. With every stories and expansion I've finished, it makes me loving this world more and more.


    Sadly, with the coming of new Eorzea as A Realm Reborn, I have to say my farewell to Vana'diel, promising to return and continue my adventure again. Now known as part of Crystal Warrior myself, my journey began as to uncover the great stride that's going to threaten this world again. Strangely, this new future are even more lively than what I remembered from the past, as if people has recovered with new hopes. Everything now feels fast paced and even when I finally avoided the threat,  there's already new mysteries surrounding several mysterious figures known as the Ascians that perhaps behind the agenda of every perils we had, even might be before Dalamud fall itself.


    As of now, I am still challenging myself upon many great hardships, especially with mysteries behind the great Bahamiut and the threat from newly improved primal extremes. And I also make my brief return to Vana'diel itself, since the chapter of new world called Adoulin has yet to close their pages of tales. ^^

  • ItzZzHimItzZzHim Member Posts: 2

    May I remind many when i say that FF7 was the best game ever, story was awesome, game play was awesome, bosses were awesome, everything was well done. What sux is that they didnt remake the game for HD version on the newer consoles, but they made the Advent children movie. Im pretty sure if they remade this game it would sell out!.   FF9 was also great, the story and characters were amazing, game play was just as good as 7. FF10 was great but the game plat changed into something we were not used to. FF11 was also a great game. FF12 was completely different, but it was good, not what I expected but not to bad. FF13 is an ok game, I dont like how the game play was, I miss the oldschool turn base instead of the way it was implemented in 13. Overall IMO the older games such as 7-9 were the best ones hands down for me.

    I also wish MICROSOFT would freakin  change the policy about the cross platform so we can play 14. 
  • Dyonisus77Dyonisus77 Member Posts: 5
    Let me win lol
  • joseramonjoseramon Member UncommonPosts: 14
    First time i saw a chocobo, that is my favourite moment.
  • CerbearusCerbearus Member UncommonPosts: 14
    Favorite moment was finally beating the Hell Dragon in FFXII, because it took forever xD Still need to go back and kill Yiazmat though :/
  • DarthKMoneyDarthKMoney Member Posts: 2
    Final Fantasy X when you enter besaid island and the beautiful music starts
  • LordCaptainLordCaptain Member Posts: 178

    Favorite moment might sound ghoulish, so I will just say most impactful:

    Love the story of FFVII and of course, the emotional hit when Aeris dies.

  • revslaverevslave Member UncommonPosts: 154
    I remember my time in FFXI fondly.  I remember my LS tragic atempts at raiding during CoP, it was not until years later that I understood that it was a raid.  I almost miss the old days of pull corpses and cordonating attacks w/o vent. 


  • CosmicwrathCosmicwrath Member UncommonPosts: 20
    The most memorable moment in Final Fantasy XIV was the beginning cinematic with the three nations fighting the empire. With the music and ambiance, It evoked a strong emotion within me, of sorrow and desperation. The way the heroes of light worked together was heart warming, and the look on their faces when Bahamut emerged from his prison, a look of being overwhelmed; as that moment began I myself felt saddened, as I watched the destruction of the three capital cities, I couldn't hold back my tears any longer. I felt so bad for Loiusoix as he tried to protect the heroes, and then imprison Bahamut once again, but it failed. The look on his face at the end saddened me further, but also reassured me that all was going to be fine, that there would be hope. I have watched this video 927 times and still counting, this was my most memorable moment in Final Fantasy XIV: ARR, and I will never forget it, thanks for all your hard work SquareEnix, I will always be your number one fan!
  • flare2099flare2099 Member Posts: 1
    I loved the crafting, best innovation!

    i live to enjoy not enjoy to live

  • KlefthKlefth Member Posts: 4

    Looking up into the sky right after every patch to see how big Dalamud looked then was a strange and interesting feeling. Also, getting my DRG AF and just staring at how badass it used to look (not nearly as much nowadays)


    That, or beating Garuda for the first time, or the first day that Castrum Novum launched, with a massive amount of people tearing through it, or the time when I beat Nael Van Darnus, all were pretty cool experiences (of which I unfortunately have no screenshots anymore). Note that any fond memories I have of FFXIV are from before ARR came out... after that, it's been kinda meh.

  • previnprevin Member UncommonPosts: 47
    I love the story line, it ebbs and flows so well, it is well crafted.  I have yet to beat Titan HM, that is my next achievement and I am sure it will feel awesome to get it done.
  • AnghellicKarmaAnghellicKarma Member Posts: 1

    My favorite part was the end of FFXIV 1.0. We all knew there was going to be an Impact, and I remember everyone on our server gathering to fight the neverending horde of Garlean forces that kept spawning at the projected location of Dalamud's impact. The countdown that had been up at the FFXIV login page let everyone know just when it would hit, too.

    We gathered there and kept fighting, taking screenshots, saying our last words before the service would shut down. And then, when it did shut down, and the actual VIDEO of Dalamud's impact hit (which is now the first half of the movie that plays at the title screen). It was unbelievable, because Bahamut emerged and was a shock to everyone. It set the interwebs on fire talking about it and helped gain FFXIV some big coverage, too. 

     To be a part of that, and see it unfold, a moment that can never be replicated again, that's gotta be my favorite :)

  • PsycroatPsycroat Member UncommonPosts: 28
    My favorite experience with the FF franchise was the ending sequence to FF4. I remember playing the game as a child and was not used to playing a game with so much emotion. The ending sequence was just overwhelming with emotions. Seeing Palom and Porom in the flesh again after sacrificing themselves to save the group by turning to stone, seeing the rift between Edge and Rydia in play when she turned her back on him at the wedding and the shot of Kain on the mountain lamenting the loss of his love Rosa to Cecil with his hair blowing in the wind. It was the perfect wrap up to an emotionally driven campaign that went on to demonstrate that the lives of the characters you just dedicated hours to did not end with the final battle. They went on to live their lives and enjoy the freedoms that they fought for. (until the after years messed it all up.)

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  • poordecisionpoordecision Member Posts: 8

    Tetra Master, it ruled in 9... was better in/than 11, I kept my sub for months just to play tetra master...

    Game wise 6>10>4 are my 3 favorites

  • MirathelMirathel Member UncommonPosts: 137
    I know this is a little unrelated but fighting Sephiroth in Kingdom Hearts for me was just outstanding :D
  • rojoArcueidrojoArcueid Member EpicPosts: 10,722

    FFXIV has the most indepth and entertaining crafting system in any mmorpg to date. Cant go wrong with that.

    I will never forget the moment (and the music) in the Final Fantasy series when Aerith perished.... it still hurts...

  • valkreivalkrei Member UncommonPosts: 1
    The first final Fantasy, now those were the days.  Thief becomes a Ninja, and you could make your party what ever classes you wanted to.  Please come back! Please!
  • Dreamo84Dreamo84 Member UncommonPosts: 3,713
    I'm not sure a 650 can even run the game very well :(.

  • KagaRinKagaRin Member UncommonPosts: 2
    I can never forget the "Waltz for the Moon" scene from FF8.
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