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  • tsheeschantsheeschan Member UncommonPosts: 1
    Well I haven't played FFXIV but I really want to... I just got to convince my friends to stop playing GW2 and move over to FFXIV... best FF experience would be my first time seeing my friend playing FFVII and using the skill Knights of the Round... before that, I didn't even know what FF was... with that one experience it got me to play all the FF between 1 and X-2... awesome job Square-Enix
  • YezeaYezea Member Posts: 1

    I still love my hours and hours and hours of playing Blitzball in FF 10 - over and over again.

    FF is by far the most time sonsuming game for me ever - and i think, its still worth every minute of it.

  • FinfofumFinfofum Member UncommonPosts: 2
     I healed tank and fought last boss in Cutters Cry. Only two of us were still running. I died last at 1%. Im a noob.
  • snugtopsnugtop Member Posts: 1
    My best and worse experience are the same thing... The battle arena in ff7. grinding and trying and trying to get the Omni slash. Worth it in the end though when Sephiroph gets it in the face!
  • datto93datto93 Member Posts: 1
    my favorite moment in final fantasy 14 is when i went to do fate grinds with all my friends and used my paladin to become CAPTAIN AMERICA when i get lazy tanking. Throwing shield OP
  • bbethelbbethel Member UncommonPosts: 201
    My favorite moment was the 1st time I saw the cut seen with the guys with the Magika Mounts about a week after the game came out before anybody had the Magika mounts in game. That was crazy and exciting for what was to come. 
  • deadlydarkdeadlydark Member Posts: 5
    Leveling up all my different jobs in FFXIV!
  • PsYcHoGBRPsYcHoGBR Member UncommonPosts: 482
    Final Fantasy 14 ARR reminded me of Zelda for some unkown strange reason, I loved the game instantly after playing the beta.
  • zerojadzerojad Member UncommonPosts: 4
    I like Final Fantasy VIII.
  • xetearxetear Member UncommonPosts: 13
    My favorite moments in Final Fantasy came from FF7. The twists and turns of the story. They way it grabbed a hold of you and didnt let go. I was addicted to that game for along time. Even worked my way to a gold chocobo. It was awsome.
  • SrLukSrLuk Member Posts: 1
    Im still thinking that the game should be improved, and it could embrace more the Final Fantasy "magic" that atract people. Indeed the game graphics are amazing and engine works fine, but stills missing the Final Fantasy in this RPG. Doenst have depth on the true form of Final Fantasy.
  • AyuroxAyurox Member UncommonPosts: 64



    Best moment which I shall never forget :

    We gather with our guild at a guildies place for the release of FFXIV ARR.

    The moment we were waiting finally arrived and we were all so eager and happy to start.

    8 people in 1 room all ganked up and ready to fire the game and start our precious quest.

    So the moment arrives we can login and play, we all premade our charachters with the benchmark charachter creation so it was an easy char creation and fast login ^^, so we thought ... we all tried to login and it wouldnt work ... only 1 person managed to login.


    At the beginning we were all laughing but after more mins started to count up we were starting to get irritated and getting angry ... the only person who was able to login started to laugh even harder and we began to get more frustrated.


    We had some guildies that we were talking with on Teamspeak that were saying that they could log in and others that couldnt also ... the situation was getting more frustrating.


    By some miracle I came up with the idea of changing the language setting from automatic to english and suddenly it worked ... I fast passed the info and we all began the quest to fast switch the config and start playing.


    At the same time the owner of the house went to grab some food and because we were all starting to laugh of finally being able to login he though we were laughing with him and he went all crazy and unplugged the internet ... !!!


    Everyone was in a state of crazyness, we were all shouting WTF you doing and all and we told him we finally were able to login and we knew what cause was and ....


    The guy was rushing back to the router to replug it excused himself and finally 1 hour later after some hard waiting we were all 8 peeps ready to start our eagerly quest in the world of Eorzea.


    The day after when everyone was more relaxed and stressed out we were all laughing hard about the evening before !!!

    What a day ;-)

  • InfearealInfeareal Member UncommonPosts: 111

    My most remembered FF moment comes from FF2 (IV). After defeating the archfiend of water you are trying to escape when you get stuck in a trap. The walls begin to slide in and Palom and Porom the twin mages step in front of the walls and cast stone upon themselves to block the walls from crushing the rest of the party. Tellah the sage attempts to cure them but is unable to. At that moment the feeling of sadness and loss overwhelmed me.

    That sacrifice was the first time I was moved with such emotion from a story in a video game. I was rather young when experiencing that and it is still a strong memory. I feel that it is one of those things that made me who I am today. Understanding self sacrifice for the good of others in such a way influenced my friendships, my journey, even the way I take care of my wife and children to this day.

  • nitrasisnitrasis Member CommonPosts: 3
    My favorite final fantasy moment was when I finally beat the origanal for the nes when I was a kid. It was on3e of the first games I had ever beaten and I felt so proud of my self. It was that game that turned me on to rpgs. I have been a square fan ever since.

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  • parapleparaple Member UncommonPosts: 3
    Best moment of FF series for me was when I realized i fell in love with tifa ... :D
  • lechughlechugh Member UncommonPosts: 9

    Best cinematics in a game I've ever seen. Kudos !


  • johnnychangsjohnnychangs Member UncommonPosts: 261
    Ages ago, when my buddy brought over his Super Nintendo and FFIV, we played it all weekend.  I still remember the end with Zeromas (sp?).
  • OmniproOmnipro Member UncommonPosts: 23

    My most unique experience in Final Fantasy XIV was the end of  Final Fantasy XIV 1.0 finale event.

    We got to play for free got  free temporary Artifact gear and an once in a lifetime endgame event campaign with epic battles.

    Then ending with an awesome video revealing that it was Bahamut  inside the looming Satellite moon all this time and he nearly destroyed everything. They really did an excellent job. 

    Looking for some cool mates to play with on "Hyperion" server my in game name is "Minks Asura" cya in game.

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  • InsomniacGrInsomniacGr Member UncommonPosts: 4
    I loved the journey from the first beta back in august of 2010 until this very moment, so much stuff to talk about, many good moments and some other not that good of course. What a journey..
  • RaideDukuRaideDuku Member Posts: 1
    Oh, the best parts are the Primal fights. First time you fight Ifrit, the game does a good job of making it clear this guy isn't like the bosses you fought before. You are fighting an angry wrathful god who intends to end you. Then Titan is the point the game ups the difficulty by having him have a one hit kill move, but it isn't cheap. If you get hit by it, you're not trying hard enough to avoid it. The music is also awesome, progressing from bluesy rock to full on death metal as you progress through his phases. Then you have Garuda. Probably best music in the game, and completely captures her utter psychopathic insanity. 
  • ValkanisarValkanisar Member UncommonPosts: 494
    i had a great time in beta.. amazing graphics and gameplay. eventually i will buy the game like i do with most other MMO's.
  • kukukachuikukukachui Member Posts: 1

    My best moment, so far, in XIV was soloing the chimera in Cutter's Cry when everyone else died. I was ARC at the time, and I already knew how to kite like a beast because of FFXI. I remember it being down to about 5% when one of the party members (they all were waiting outside of the fight area) said "How are you still alive!?" to which another party member replied, "I guess he's just that good."

    It was super fun!

  • burntOrangeburntOrange Member UncommonPosts: 5
    My fav FF memory is still firing up FF1 on NES many many years ago. I played for hours, with my brothers sitting beside me watching and cheering me on. That game for me was the start of my love for RPGs in general, and many many lost hours to the genre.
  • unfilteredJWunfilteredJW Member UncommonPosts: 340

    The summer before FF VII came out, I worked for the school district's after school program, as I was one of those that could be trusted to herd the rest of the kids. Hated it, but I knew the pay off would be sweet: My first Playstation and the first FF in a while.

    My mother still remembers coming in the next morning after picking it up to wake me for school, only to find me still playing. Pretty sure it was the first time I've stayed up all night gaming.

    Oh Aeris, you were the first time a video game ever made me tear up.

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  • ZebladeZeblade Member UncommonPosts: 931
    Well might not be like others I LOVE how you can craft.. you can do this alone for ever.. simple..
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