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Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn: Signed Collector's Edition and NVIDIA GTX 650 Giveaway!



  • cobaltsun1cobaltsun1 Member Posts: 1
    I loved going into Coil for the first time. By splitting it up into 5 different instances they were able to make these really grand, breath taking arenas to fight these gorgeously crafted boss encounters in. I wanted to kill every boss so bad not for the loot, but for access to the next cutscene.
  • MangonisiumMangonisium Member UncommonPosts: 23
    My favorite experience with the FF series was when I was back in elementary, and my friend lent me his Final Fantasy Tactics Advance for the GBA. I played it for years and years before he remembered haven't lent it to me, and took it back. That was one of the best GBA games I played.
  • iFlyFightCrowiFlyFightCrow Member Posts: 1
    When I first played Final Fantasy VI and seeing it's amazing intro and wonderful music.
  • XXCrissXXXXCrissXX Member UncommonPosts: 3

    Sephiroth killing Aerith in FFVII, awesome!


  • oafuapeoafuape Member UncommonPosts: 34
    Ohhh nice no lie FF XIV made my opinion of Square-enix change. FF XIII really spoiled things in my eyes but wow they put a lot of work into making XIV a really good game. I would so play this game if I win this prize
  • maxg314maxg314 Member UncommonPosts: 15
    My favorite experience with the Final Fantasy series was when I first played Final Fantasy II, which is now Final Fantasy IV, on the Super Nintendo. I was so shocked and surprised when I found out that Kain, Cecils best friend turned against him. Only later did I find out he was under Zemus' control!
  • drixter9drixter9 Member Posts: 2
    FFXIV !!!
  • sionbarzarhdsionbarzarhd Member Posts: 1

    I have to say, My most unique experience was loading up FF9 for the very first time.


    At the beginning this may seem abit... silly.

    No feeling can compare to dragging your parents down to the nearest Game Store, rooting through endless plastic cases to finally find Final Fantasy IX. The feeling of having your fingers numbed off by the February chill, inpatiently waiting for your parents to get in the car and take you home.

    Tossing whatever you were wearing onto a scruffy pile on the bed and finally opening the precious case, delighted to know that four discs meant you were complete for the summer. 

    Whacking the disc into the Console and barely getting past the intro sequence without oogling and squealing to the music and AMV!

    For me that was enough to give a unique and memborable experience with the Final Fantasy Series, unfortunately can't get that feeling anymore with Digital Downloads.

  • ErisBattErisBatt Member UncommonPosts: 3
    My favorite time in FFXIV: ARR has been taking in all the sights (and taking screen shots of them too)
  • RaiZtRaiZt Member UncommonPosts: 26
    The first time i played FF VII, one of the most amazing games ever made spent countless hours in that game and we it was released on ps3 i just had to get it again. From that first play through of FF VII i have played every FF game since. 
  • Ray1040Ray1040 Member Posts: 1
    Favorite moment was when I first rode a Chocobo.
  • psiicpsiic Member RarePosts: 1,636

    Honestly I loved the original game, was one of its few die hard subscribers. The rebirth has kinda left a bad taste in my mouth, because of like every other mmo out there they took a deep and challenging game and dumbed it down for the casual gamers. 

    Not a lot of real games left out there for real gamers these days.

  • senti02senti02 Member UncommonPosts: 96
    Best moment for me is when i first got the game (FFxiv) after long period of waiting and excitement,after all those problems from getting connected to the game and they actually stop selling the game..those moments of waiting is killing me..and after i have the game..bammmm download right away and play..never had those feeling before..damn u Square Enix :P
  • PulsarManPulsarMan Member Posts: 289
    My favorite moment in FFXIV thus far recently took place. My free company of close friends and I finally cleared turn 4 of the binding coil. Not the most difficult fight in the world, but we were so close for so felt great to win. :) 
  • kubipuchatekkubipuchatek Member UncommonPosts: 1

    When i think about Final Fantasy i always go back to time, when i burrowed PS2 with Final Fantasy X from a friend mine. He gave me an official strategy guide and it was soo much fun for, and i really enjoyed playing "by the book" ... i felt like i wasn't missing any fragments of the game.

    The reason way i remember it so good is that i never finished it. I got to a spot on a giant tree with lots of butterflies around me ... and i had to catch only the blue ones .... Problem was it was a NTSC version of the console and my TV was only able to show PAL standard ... try to distinguish blue from red butterflies in GRAYSCALE :)

  • yamishioyamishio Member UncommonPosts: 4
    That moment when you look at the download and see that is 99% and still wondering how will it be when you enter, what class to make and thinking about how many adventures you have ahead of you, then the download it's finished and you enter, create your character and start making 1st stepts into the game, mouse over the environment then actually start doing something to start the jurney. But the best part it's not even here, when you think back at all the memories that you had with the game so far, how newbie you were at the begining and how far you made it, explored, crafted and so on. Actually the best moment in FFXIV its from the start untill this moment!
  • Laharal2244Laharal2244 Member Posts: 1
    In 2012 I took a trip to the past and replayed FFIIV. There was such a nostalgia to replaying my favorite game of all time. The soundtrack, battle system, materia, great characters, and one of the most epic stories off all time in my opinion kept me playing for hours upon hours that day. I came to Cosmos Canyon Red XIII birthplace. Red XIII never knew much about his past or his father at this point. After Bugenhagen hears what Red XIII has to say about his father he invites the group to enter the a sealed cavern in Cosmos Canyon. At a cave overlooking the caverns entrance Red XIII found his petrified body of his Father Seto who fought off the GI Tribe by himself to protect the people of Cosmos Canyon. For some reason this event sent a wave of emotion over me happiness, sadness, and excitement to continue this epic story it literally left me holding back tears. The Final Fantasy series has had this effect on me numerous times but for some reason this was the most profound. I guess ill end this with saying Thank you Final Fantasy and looking forward to many other great memories! image
  • dave5698225dave5698225 Member Posts: 14

    The most unique thing I found in FFXIV is the availability to switch between all available gathering and crafting jobs at the push of a button. Being used to MMO's that restrict you to normally just a third of the available gathering or crafting profession they offer, it was a welcome change to dive deep into all professions without the need for alts. I wished all MMO's gave their players this wide range of freedom.

  • ZumzumDurallZumzumDurall Member Posts: 2
    My most freaky moment in Final Fantasy XIV was the time that I (a lalafell) encountered a Roegadyn. I was about the size of his shoe. I've always wondered saw me, or just looked over me.
  • Tashani7Tashani7 Member UncommonPosts: 56
    Best moment for me thus far was doing the quest line for my white mage to receive the epic weapon "Thyrus"! I LOVE THAT THING!
  • DerolDerol Member UncommonPosts: 11
    Playing the final fantasy series on the Nintendo till 8am.


  • lilreap2k3lilreap2k3 Member UncommonPosts: 353
    My favorite moment was the first time I played Final Fantasy 7.  I think I played it for around 8 hours the first day and was unable to save my game because I didn't have a memory card yet.  So worth it, regardless!  I have finished FF7 10+ time since then.

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  • KamikazegoKamikazego Member UncommonPosts: 224
    My best and most unique moment was when I was able to act as a liason between my English speaking linkshell members and the Japanese speaking linkshell members by using my bilingualism.  We then were able to cooperate well and down Ifrit on Hard Mode!
  • RasiemRasiem Member UncommonPosts: 318
    My favorite scene and fight was killing sephiroth in ffvI that was jsut such an uber game. knights of the Round FTW!!
  • MrBum21MrBum21 Member UncommonPosts: 405

    Some times it is the simple things in a game that stand out to me.  something that you would walk by 100 times and never see, but once you spot it you set there for a long time and just admire it, or in this case laugh.

    In the pugilist guild of FFXIV there is a Lalafell that is trying to do a quick draw with his fist weapons, and keeps dropping them.  it's such a simple thing, but the animation is so great, and the little guy never gets discouraged. 

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