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  • TibernicuspaTibernicuspa Member UncommonPosts: 1,199

    My favorite Final Fantasy memory goes back to the NES. I was extremely new to RPGs back then and I barely understood the game, but my friend insisted that I HAD to try it. FF1. 


    It was a July night, and I'd managed to convince my mom to let me sleep over my friend's house. We bought skittles and fireballs from the corner store and proceeded to destroy our mouths with them. Then, after "lights out" time, we sneaked into the basement. Bare cement walls with a few posters, a rug, a futon, and an old TV with the NES hooked up to it. He wanted to show me Final Fantasy. We wrapped ourselves in blankets and he walked me through my first party. We ended up, without realizing it, playing all night. I could NOT stop, it wasn't even an option in my mind. The fear of being caught was banished to some other dimension, along with all the other considerations of life like hunger and tiredness. I was so entirely immersed in this virtual world, and so attached to my characters, in a way that no book or game has done since.

    Well, we continued playing until the door burst open in the morning and his dad found us bleary eyed staring at the old tv screen. I was snapped back to reality with a rush of fear. Thankfully though, he thought we had just woken up early to mess with the NES, and wanted to let us know pancakes were on the stove.We didn't correct him. It was the best sleepover ever.

  • KopakzKopakz Member UncommonPosts: 10
    Finally killing Garuda hardmode! just to get stuck on titan hardmode :(
  • KeushpuppyKeushpuppy Member UncommonPosts: 171

    When I first started the game I was like wow. First  Final Fantasy game I have ever played..

  • KothosesKothoses Member UncommonPosts: 893
    Unlocking the bard class and after leveling it a fair bit finally being able to run a dungeon where I was both a support and a damage dealer and feeling like I really could make a good contribution to the groups success in both ways.

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  • sorrowcrysorrowcry Member Posts: 2
    Loved the world, the story, various characters and many new unlearned things. 
  • Member Posts: 5
    FF XIV was pretty much epic from character creation till.. well..  the end.. :-D
  • FF universe, its all about the Miqo'tes! ;)

  • patience13patience13 Member UncommonPosts: 15
    When first unlocking airship travel and epic music!
  • SwampDragonsSwampDragons Member UncommonPosts: 352
    Jumped on the Airship and flew away from Lominsa, that is for sure the coolest moment.
  • Wushi75Wushi75 Member UncommonPosts: 11
    My favorite moment in Final Fantasy xiv was when my pugilist got his first multi-hit combo.
  • PissedjediPissedjedi Member UncommonPosts: 31

    Many many years ago I was a young man working for the place at the time to buy games. I was an employee of Electronic Boutique. And while looking at the release list for games coming down the road.. I had just gotten the original Playstation. Realizing that if I wanted to enjoy Final Fantasty 7 on release day.. I was going to have to schedule myself off. I had to pull every trick, favor in the book. But on the release day .. I was the first person in my Electronic Boutique to walk out with Final Fantasy 7.

    I remember going home.. excited  just imagining myself playing. I had nearly 24 hours to play. And I did.. and when Aeris.. Perished.. with me being unable to save her as Cloud.. no doubt.. I was stunned. And as a grown man I felt humbled by an amazing gaming experience. Definitely a highlight in gaming for myself.

  • BadSpockBadSpock Member UncommonPosts: 7,979

    I really enjoyed the performance and gameplay on PC- FFXIV was incredible.

    My greatest moment was turning off the UI around Gridania, turning the music up and just appreciating the beauty and splendor of the world FFXIV created.

    But I sold my gaming PC and bought the PS3 version and it just didn't click for me.

    Now, with no gaming PC, and I traded in my PS3 for a next-gen console, I'm using my work laptop to get my MMO fix- and let me tell you, it barely cuts it!

    650 and a PC CE would go a long way to helping me get back :)

  • KingOOKingOO Member UncommonPosts: 11
    Well for me it was when i played as a team and saw how skills works great  together to take down strong foes and the visuals are sweet
  • BraindomeBraindome Member UncommonPosts: 959

    My favorite moment of all time is when Delita and Ramza reminisce about when they learned how to "whistle" using a blade of grass in Final Fantasy tactics, so poignant, so beautiful, so artistic and moving. Nothing to me compares.


  • Aldous.HuxleyAldous.Huxley Member, Newbie CommonPosts: 418

    Favorite old school FF moments came when I had mononucleosis. The only thing I did besides sleep was play FF Tactics for about 2 weeks straight. That game kept me entertained & made the illness almost seem worth it.


    FFXIV ARR's moments came when I logged into the beta & was first introduced to all the changes that had been made. Like many, I was coming in skeptical, having not played since 1.0. By no means had it become a perfect game, but so many of the changes were positive. I couldn't believe that in such a short time frame Yoshida's team had almost constructed an entirely new game. Well thought out with plenty of FF fanfare. And most importantly, the amount of fun & joy they packed into it is purely amazing. What it does, it does well & the potential to further grow this game is unlimited.


    Anywho, gogo FF!


    Peace out.

  • kahomakahoma Member UncommonPosts: 1
    Must say my most memorable moment was overcoming Titan Hm as a healer with the help of my fc after failing many randoms, afterwards going onto obtain my relic, good times.
  • KyutaSyukoKyutaSyuko Member UncommonPosts: 288
    While I already have the CE of FFXIV I could use a new video card :3
  • mrputtsmrputts Member UncommonPosts: 282
    My Favorite Moment (the one that made me totally geek out) was in Amdapor Keep when you make it towards the second boss. Seeing him through the doorway and being like "That's a cool floating boss." Just to get through the thresh hold to be like "HOLY SH*T!!!!! That's a Demon Wall!!" And fondly thinking back to FF4 and FF7.

    Ea is like a poo fingered midas ~ShakyMo

  • SpawnbladeSpawnblade Member UncommonPosts: 204

    In Final Fantasy VIII --  I was completely captivated upon catching a space-drifting Rinoa, finally being reunited, and having "Eyes on Me" fade in to frame the dialogue with its warm, lyrical touch.  The game's atmosphere, tone, and script pulled me in even closer, tightening its chokehold, forcing me to care for these characters and their fate.

    It was moments like that, in 8, that allowed me to completely overlook the unnecessarily bizarre ending arcs the Final Fantasy games tend to have (and 9 was no exception.)  It's a pity they have to get so wacky and far-fetched, because otherwise they tend to be great.  It's a testament to their stories that they've managed such acclaim  (barring more recent entries.)  Despite the whole Ultimecia battle, FF8 is probably in my top three RPGs thanks to the moments between Squall, Rinoa, and Seifer.  (Oh, can't forget Laguna's story either.  More painful, that one, but Square managed to make me feel quite good about his ending thanks to Squall's ending kind of tying up both.)

  • asmalsaadiasmalsaadi Member UncommonPosts: 3
    The only game that has a harmony community where is "help" means a duty that every one willing to contribute in.
  • ArtaiosArtaios Member UncommonPosts: 550

    the time ive played beta was nice

  • EmeraqEmeraq Member UncommonPosts: 1,056
    I'm not currently playing FFXIV but my favorite thing about the game was the content additions in ARR. Say what you like about it being "WoW-ified" but for me it went from feeling like I didn't have much to do  (in the previous incarnation) to having so much content that I felt like I couldn't do it all.  
  • yllisyllis Member UncommonPosts: 72
    I found this game very charming and engaging.
  • CisabianCisabian Member UncommonPosts: 5
    I love the graphics in the final fantasy series. only played through beta but enjoyed it
  • .Si..Si. Member Posts: 6
    My 1st experience with FF is FF7. I still remember how cool Cloud, Tifa, and Sephiroth looks. Recently I played FFXIV, the graphic and world environment look amazing.
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