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Garry Newman's RUST: EG: 2/7Wiped | ActiveAdmins | Realism++ | Oxide

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EG: 2/7Wiped | ActiveAdmins | Realism++ | Oxide




The apocalypse is here and now. This server has mods on it that we've worked on for a good month or so, and we're happy to release it exclusively only to EG servers. You'll look at bullets as more than just tools to kill with, and you'll feel the strain of living in a post apocalyptic world.


Realism++ is a mod package developed from the ground up by the EG Development Team

  • Realism++ Economy;this economy uses the premise that there is a military installation off the coast island. You know, the guys sending the airdrops. Well, now you can radio in supplies just for you. But, in the war that wages out of sight they have no use for your filthy money. They will only take bullets as currency.
  • Rare Military Weapons; so you thought it was normal for machine-built weaponry to sprout up in some radiated town with the sticker still on the barrel? No. You'll have to work your way through the land and survive. It's still possible to get these fancy toys, but only the most diligent can uncover them. Maybe it's time you save up those bullets to convince the military installation to help you out?
  • Clan Wars (under development); Clans will be able to purchase charters for bullets and claim territory. People won't be able to grief, destroy, or even kill your people inside your territory without declaring war on you. More details on this will be released when we get closer to finishing.
  • Realism++ Crafting: Blueprints will be one-use items needed to craft various technologies. As you go through the world your experience will increase. The better you get at crafting the better stuff you can craft, and the more use you can take out of blueprints.
  • Skills&Perks (developed alongside Realism++):The more you do something the more you get good at it. Various abilities will augment as you behave in the game. Do you spend a lot of time killing people? Do you spend time crafting and building up your base? As you react with the world you will notice you become better at doing certain things. Purchase perks that are good for one-life but have amazing effects on you as a player. Become notorious; a highly valued crafter, a cutthroat outlaw, a shady thief, and more
  • INSTANT Craft is enabled
  • Outland Air Aid sends airdrops periodically to keep you monsters alive
  • Fall damage is on by default
  • Oxide is enabled on the server along with some public mods
  • The server was wiped 2/7/2014 and will not be wiped for some time.
  • Type in /fps to increase your frame rate drastically (EG Dev Team made our own version because we didn't like the limitations of the public ones. AMD cards will love our server and low-end cpu's won't be able to play on any other server but ours!)
  • Backpacks are locked for 2 minutes after death, keep a lock pick handy!
  • Type in /pm "Player name" "Your message" to private message
  • Type in /history to view last 20 messages in chat
  • Type in /who to see who's online (This is a part of the Realism++ mod package because we needed a larger range of usefulness)
  • Anti-Hack software installed! All logs up to a week old can be viewed by an Admin. Everything from server responses to player actions (exception out of bound errors for hackers) to player kills, loot they've found, and more.

Visit the forums of the steam group to discuss this topic as well as any others you've an itch to yap about!

EG Admin Dot

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