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Better stay away

marremurtmarremurt Member UncommonPosts: 45

Aura kingdom is runned by aeria, a greedy Company and also the game is a huge mass of bots right now, alot of main accounts who got alt accounts to bot with and the game remains this and soon a month passed, gms day after day saying that they working on a way to get them away, but still we just see broken promises day after day.


But the fact still remains, the economy and game is right now destroyed, when comming as a new player you will find the game boring because of all maps full of bots who take all experience and ruining the fun of the game, Everything expensive now too so as a new player you will find Everything hard to obtain since botters have destroyed the economy.




  • halpyhalpy Member UncommonPosts: 42

    tbh I have had zero issues with bots, and seen only one in my lifetime (Lvl55 and 40). Maybe Ch1 is loaded with 'em, idk. There's still plenty of mobs to go around when you're questing, and you get credit if you attack and someone else kills it

    If you're talking about the AFK'ers that sit and let their eidolon attack mobs that get too close, I've seen a lot but it doesn't interfere while PvE'ing

    I can't really speak much on the economy part


    Server: Siren

    Main channel: 6

  • urriel1970urriel1970 Member UncommonPosts: 50
    what game are you playing...non of this is going on..you can play just fine ..and as for botters...i hate to break it you but there are not as many as you think ...and as for gear...you can run the dungeons solo or with groups..and still get very good gear...something tells me this post..is a hater post!
  • DamonVileDamonVile Member UncommonPosts: 4,818
    I played this weekend. I hated the game but I didn't see a single bot.
  • marremurtmarremurt Member UncommonPosts: 45

    Cant stop laughting when game masters trying to hide the fact of the truth, this game is only bunch of bots right now and you will find them in every singel map.

    Didnt know gms were this pathetic that they had to hide the truth.

  • WarwicklionWarwicklion Member UncommonPosts: 15
    I am also playing this game and not having any bot problems. I have not checked out the economy since the gear I have gotten from drops and quests has been good. Game has only been out about a month and new content is incoming. I am having trouble adding stones to gear.
  • gieger808gieger808 Member UncommonPosts: 158

    NO different from any other mmo. It's just the lay of the land.


    If an area is bogged down with bots, I just switch channels and go on my merry way.



    And as for the economy, well, if you are an idiot, yeah. It would be hard to afford anything. A smart person uses the goldfarmers to his advantage. For example, I flood the AH with items, undercutting the farmer prices. They buy it all out to resell. I make bank. Do I use some of this money to buy their overpriced items? sure, sometimes. But I make more than I spend. Thank you goldfarmers!

    And again, goldfarmers controlling the economy is not new, or unique in the mmo genre. So crying about either of them for the sake of hating on one specific game is ...well, retarded.



  • SaerrrSaerrr Member Posts: 1

    In allmost all mmorpg there are bots, for example, the last year I was playing Runes of Magic, maybe a few of you know it, and there was a lot of bots, and I must say, I had my own too, I don't deny, and in someways it was good for the game, because we got some kinds of items/gears easily, and that allowed us to put this items/gears in the AH cheaper than before, when there's no bots in the game.

    That being said, I don't want to protect the bots, but, sometimes, they're just fine for the game.

    Although, I started playing Aura Kingdom just a few days ago and I've seen a lot of bots, but none of them prevent me to complete my quests, the mobs respawn in a hurry, so I don't see the problem here.


  • B1mbleB1mble Member CommonPosts: 148
    Well whatever the case, they had better clean it up and give it a bit of polish as it is being released on Steam.
  • HeavenlinaHeavenlina Member Posts: 1

    so far I like the game. I am on level 29 and ran into the trading area where someone was selling black clothing dye for 500gold. I don't know how much it usually sell for, but to me that was pretty expensive. the problem I have with this game is the quest line. I hate doing quest for other people being a errand slave girl. I want a plot and a purpose/destiny storyline for my character. who knows maybe I will get that when I am higher in level. I can surely say its so much better than ether saga odyssey. that game is over powered and dreadful... 

  • Alka_SetzerAlka_Setzer Member UncommonPosts: 166

    Played the game several times over the course of a year or so, with months between each time.


    The game has far bigger issues than "bots." Every game has them so that's kind of irrelevant unless it's literally overrun (which I didn't notice in any of my time playing).


    I'm more bothered by the incredibly annoying story quests that take forever to complete because it's so slow, like the first few ones where you disguise as a pirate or whatever. Every time I start a new character I have to do those to progress, it sucks. The game was average, but that and the fact that my character (all of them) feel completely useless compared to pets just put me off completely. I prefer Eden Eternal far more if only because of the job system and all of the features it has for guilds and what not.


    Bots don't kill an MMO for me, just like gold spammers and sellers don't kill it either. Greedy companies can, but I haven't played anywhere near enough to get to the point where I could conclusively say the game is worse off because of "x" item in the cash shop. I browsed through it and there were definitely some questionable things in there that I didn't like so you're probably right about that, but people can still get some enjoyment out of the game until that becomes a legit issue.

  • Blazer6992Blazer6992 Member UncommonPosts: 630

       I really enjoy the game, yeah the prices suck, but I just use what I loot.


  • Colt47Colt47 Member UncommonPosts: 549

    The game seems fun from what time I've spent with it.  I saw the game and noticed it had a gunslinger class, which immediately brought my Wild Arms series days to the tip of my mind, hence why I jumped into it and decided to support it a bit with some microtransactions.   That... is where things go terribly wrong with this game.  

    This game feels like a homage to titles like Wild Arms, the Tales series, etc, so you'd think they would have a robust series of cosmetic items to tailor peoples characters to like in Path of Exile (Big Eyes, small mouth edition).  Aeria games needs to spend some time getting some decent cosmetics in there instead of putting what pitiful few items they have into a virtual casino.  I don't mind the wheel of fortune or the other online minigame, but the fortune packs are horrible.  They say they guarantee an item if you spend X amount, but you have no control over what that item is, and they could just randomly lot a 3 day version of the costume piece one is actually after.


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