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Lake of Tears server: Blood Legion Guild (North America)

BLOOD LEGION is a new guild in Lake of Tears server.  We have great potential to grow.  We are all mature and helpful in many ways.

Guild Goals:

Be the strongest guild in the server

Be Vanarch

Be active and always having fun with guild mates



Must have Ventrilo.  Best way to communicate is through voice as the in-game chat is not always noticed, plus it is easier to communicate while participating in any event.

Be mature and respectful towards others.

Must be level 30+ to apply (this will let us know that you have somewhat of a commitment to continue with your character since you made it that far)

0 Infamy!  We do not tolerate attacking lowbies for fun.  However, if our lowbies are being PKed by others we will protect our lowbies.



How to Join:

Submit an in-game application, whisper the following: Cyzer, Shin, Zack.F, or Maru.Priest.

or you can also apply through our recruitment system on our website WWW.BLOODLEGION.TK





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