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CarolinasGaming | NO CRAFT C4 | DoorShare | Kit-Starter | Groups | Sleepers | PvP | Stats | Location

MisteriousMisterious Member Posts: 3

Welcome To Carolina Gaming!

Come Join Us At

Server Name

Multiplay ::  PvP | Share | Kits | InstaCraft | NoCraft C4 | 2/1

Admins Active Almost 24/7!

How to Connect
1. Press F1
2. Copy/paste: net.connect

Join Us In Our Public Mumble Server.

Download Here...

Mumble IP :

We are here to play Rust and have fun. We will only use admin powers to investigate abuse/hacking. We will never utilize admin powers to advance our game or anyone elses. Killing, raiding, looting, smack-talking of admins (in a game context) is completely allowed and encouraged.

-100 slots (Will Upgrade Instantly As Needed)
-Door share
-Starter kit (stone hatchet, Bow, Food)
-Remove (Remove Items From Your Base If You Accidentally Mess Up Building)
-Stats (Track Your K/D And Zombie Kills)
-Ticket System (If You Need Help Use /thelp To Use Our Ticket System) Also Use Ticket System To Report Suspected Hackers Rather Than Spamming Chat
-Air Drops At 10 People

Additionally, we intend to explore adding some Arena PvP Events In Our MASSIVE Metal Arena House.

Vote For Us Below!

Let us get this server populated so we can hold our first Arena!



  • MisteriousMisterious Member Posts: 3

    Population rising every day!


    Averaging 10-20 day time and 30-40 most nights!


    Come join our VERY friendly community!

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