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[The Bastion][R] DP HM ON FARM

***Now offering free transfers for exceptional applicants coming from other servers***


Guild Name: Aequitas Vox

Faction: Republic


Focus: End Game (PvE/PvP) and Social 

Region: Mostly NA (Some EU/Oeanic)


Progression: Dread Palace on Farm


Currently Recruiting The Following


Group 2: 1 Ranged DPS | 1 Melee DPS

Schedule: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday @ 9:00pm - 12:00am PST


Group 3: 1 Tank | 1 Healer | 1 Ranged DPS | 1 Melee DPS

Schedule: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday @ 5:00pm - 8:00pm PST


Who are we?

Aequitas Vox is a PvE/PvP guild on "The Bastion" server. We are mainly comprised of Hardcore players that have successfully cleared all content currently released. We constantly strive to be better and seek new ways to improve our game-play, all the while maintaining a relaxed atmosphere. In the past Aequitas Vox has had many achievements world-wide as a group, but under a different Alias. We had attained several world/server firsts in a few other games such as: "TERA, Secret World, and World of Warcraft". Over all the progression we love to maintain that community feel within the guild.


        Notable Achievements

  • World of Warcraft (Top 50 raiding guild world-wide 2007-2009) [Alias - "Chosen"]
  • TERA Online (Top GvG Ranked Guild Spring 2012) [Alias - "Acumen"]
  • The Secret World (#1 PvE/PvP Guild World-wide Winter 2013) [Alias - "The Elysians"]


What do we offer?

  • Laid back atmosphere while clearing the hardest content available  
  • 150,000 credits in allowance for repairs  
  • Free supplies for operations (Stims/Adrenals)  
  • Free materials to craft high end gear  
  • Life-long friendships =) 


What are we looking for?

  • Skillful Player  
  • Knowledge of class and more  
  • People who don't stand in junk  
  • Must be able to make 2/3 raids a week  
  • Must have a microphone  
  • Must have Team Speak 3  


How do I join?

  • Join our forums, post under "SWTOR Recruitment"
  • Contact us in-game, or send me a message through forums
  • Post in this thread


In-game Character Contacts

  • Phileoh
  • Heiland
  • Tayu
  • Sweettouch
  • Adrinna
  • Sira
  • Mannex 




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