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Question about CU

flguy147flguy147 Member UncommonPosts: 506
Hey everybody, i have not followed this game at all and i never ever played DAOC either.  I know but many people that is suppose to be the best PVP game ever.  From the fans here, are the devs in CU trying to make another DAOC game just renaming it and updating the graphics but the same general concepts?   Thank you


  • TamanousTamanous Member RarePosts: 3,025

    They have their new site up with a little more detail about the game. It is still very early development but the very first internal alpha tests are about to start.


    It pulls various RvR elements from Doac but is an entirely different game. It is full RvR with no pve leveling although the world will have npcs, mobs and exploration. You will not gain xp from such things although you can obtain crafting resources. There are 3 main elements to the game, rvr, crafting and building. Basically it is a sandbox rvr game. There will be main cities for each faction but all world building outside of these protected areas is up to the players. The world is expected to be huge.


    Other elements to the game will be a greatly expanded version of the Darkness Falls dungeon called The Depths (they are close to funding it's development if they reach the next build tier. It will be a "living" place that constantly changes and eventually boots the controlling faction out of it. Other factions can help assist this in order to take it over. There will be many perks gained from controlling it. Crazy things like coming back after you die and haunting your enemy as a ghost and setting traps for your enemy will be included.


    RvR is starting to sound interesting but few details are known. Little things like weaker factions being offered gear and perks from their faction leaders (the NPC element to their faction) in order to bolster their strength. The veil (look up it's lore) is a crazy factor in the game and can impact rvr greatly too in some ways and even where you can build (you will have to control a region enough to push back the veil storms). Various anti-zerg elements are supposed to be added as well. Fully unique classes and races for each realm. No mirrors. Older school combo based combat with possible updates and changes to it. They are targeting upwards of 500+ characters on screen with full effects on a custom engine.


    Can they pull it off? No idea but the dev team is devoted to not taking the easy road and not being scared to try very unique things. At the very least it is a game trying to be completely different for those interested in something completely different. Worth watching through it's development at the very least.

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  • FlyinDutchman87FlyinDutchman87 Member UncommonPosts: 336

    They are wanting to create a game designed for RvR players. They are using a simple tab-tageting system and a "old school" game design.


    Things CU will offer:


    1. 3-way PVP in a HUGE world.  MJ said at least 90% of the game world will be PvP.

    2. A crafting based game. Every item but starter items will be crafted by players for players.

    3. A building system: All keeps, castles, outposts, and mines will be built and can be torn down by players. (at least in the PvP zones)

    4. Very little PvE content. (mostly none)  So the story will be told by player interaction.



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