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[US] NoCraftC4 | PVP | Door Sharing | 50% Craft [Wiped 1/25]

RTKBARTKBA Member Posts: 4


Connect to the server:

Hit F1 to bring up the console and then type:



Server Teamspeak:


Server Features:

-100 Slots Hosted in Dallas

-50% Crafting time

-Modified drop tables for airdrops

-No Craftable C4s



-Airdrops Every Hour, 2 Players min.

-Mature and active admins

-Zero admin abuse

-*New*: The Village is a gated community in Hacker Valley that offers new

players a safe zone to start and build if you choose.




Rules [Bannable Offenses]:

-No Griefing

-No Impersonating Other Players.

-No Hacking/Cheating/Using Exploits.

[V]No Shooting Players Unless They Are Unwanted On Your Property.

[V]No Raiding Inside The Village.

[V]No Damaging Property Built Inside The Village.

[V]No Camping The Village.


News Feed:

-25JAN2014: Server Established

-5FEB2014: Update Forced Wipe

-7FEB2014: Village Established: Hacker Valley

-13FEB2014: Rust++ Updated to 1.5.3


Wipe History:

-25JAN2014: First Server Wipe

-5FEB2014: Update Forced Wipe

-16FEB2014: Corrupted Save File



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