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Panther2103Panther2103 Member EpicPosts: 5,606

I have always really enjoyed Wakfu, the main issue I had with the game was the incredibly low population due to issues promoting the game in the US and bad server management by Square-Enix when it was still under their control. 

If you would like to play Wakfu in a relatively high population server, they opened an official asian server for the game which is for asia and australia. It has almost all of the NA players on it that wanted to play but didn't have enough people to play it with, it has almost none of the free to play issues the NA servers had like not being able to join a nation unless you subscribe. The only thing subscribing does in wakfu asia is give you an EXP boost and the ability to do more than 3 dungeons a day. 

If you enjoy turn based games ala FF tactics, or disgaea, I would urge you to try out Wakfu, it's really great.

the website being www.wakfu.asia


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