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The New Game in Town

Without further ado I bring you the new RPG in town.

It calls itself something like the first MMOFRPG.Massively Multiplayer offline RPG.

It is a really cool but strange thing, definetly not for everyone.


I just wanted you to know about it...for me it takes, fantasy,rpg and life to a whole new level and reminds me of the good

old days with character sheets...Im in close contact with the creator of the site, he´s a nice dude and did not think of posting here, so i thought i would do him the favor. Because i visit this site frequently to  see if there are ever any new open world pvp games...anyways... The so called alpha version did just go online, so you are one of the first people to see it...


Like i said , it is definetly not for everyone. I found it to be a mix of rpg,meta personal development,spirituality,esoconspiracynewagy... but in a good way..... of course still lots of room for improvement but great potential...definetly mind expanding


maybe you have fun with it....


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