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Aura Kingdom deserves some attention

gieger808gieger808 Member UncommonPosts: 158

I never play f2p mmo's. Lack of quality and lack of community drive me away. This is the first one I really like.

This is the game Final Fantasy should have been. I feel like im playing an old school Final Fantasy RPG, but in a mmo world. And yes, they have an item mail, but its not p2w. You have access to everything, the mall is just a shortcut. As it should be.

If you like crafting, collecting and don't mind a grinder, this is for you. Complex? Not really. Difficult? Not at all. But fun.

I particularly like the over-the-top combat effects and animation. MMORPG's have gotten a bit of bland lately in the combat department. Nice to see something different.

The anime art style is great. Especially the Eidolons (your companions). So many to collect, and very different in abilites.

Just thought I would plug a game I like. Never thought I would support a f2p MMO.

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