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I Need Some Tutoring on This New Thread Tool

alyndalealyndale Member UncommonPosts: 936

Hello to the admin for this thread,

Thanks for your kind and patient help in advance. I have been a member of MMORPG.com I believe since around 2006 and have been an active writer here for at least 6 years give or take. I have not been all that active recently however, and I have noticed you all are using a new format than what you were using several years ago.

That's wonderful and of course this site looks wonderful as always, however I think I need some help using the tools up above this window. When I post, I want my post to be interesting to read. Often I have data to share from other web sites. Usually on most forum I can simply right-click and paste my link. There are also often tool widgets I can ctrl-v my paste in the window to link. The link tool on this forum seems complicated and I have tried to use it however it doesn't take my links and eventually I have to Back out of thread and begin again. I like the idea you have a link at the bottom of writing box to paste YouTube url, but again once I enter url and go to preview, I see nothing under my post. I am quite frustrated and would appreciate someone giving me a demo or walkthrough how to correctly use the forum writing tools!

Again I appreciate the patience here and hope that I can soon begin to use these tools correctly,



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