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Don't like the Daily Cooldowns? Take out your wallet

ValoreahValoreah Member Posts: 75

Link to the discussion thread on the STO forums.


So after introducing the various reputation / fleet systems which incorporate a mandatory cooldown on completed projects, Cryptic/PWE are poised to introduce "Daily Cooldown Reset Tickets", as seen in this image (see bottom left) from the Tribble Test server.  As you can see, these "Daily Cooldown Reset Tickets" will cost Zen.


Not surprisingly, this is being introduced on the heels of announcing the 4th Year Anniversary ships would be part of a daily grind, essentially like the Winter Event race to get the Breen ships.


I was not able to find it, but there was a very prophetic post made by a player on the STO forums when these cooldowns were introduced.  They had warned this is where it would lead, and more than a few people replied that it was a silly notion.  Well, here we are.


What's next?  C-Store tokens to auto level to 50?

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