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Aura Kingdom Ads

TheLizardbonesTheLizardbones Member CommonPosts: 10,910

I cannot hold my silence any longer.


"Find a Furry Friend!" is the kind of thing floating at the top of your screen that gets a, "WHAT SITE ARE YOU ON AND WHY ARE YOU LOOKING FOR FURRY FRIENDS?!?" from your wife as she walks by.


The others aren't so bad.  "Together we will prevail" and "Unlock the Spirit Within You" seem pretty innocuous.  They look like Kid Friendly ads.  "What will you fight for?" is a pretty standard MMORPG thing so that seems OK too.  I think "Watch Your Back" is Ok too.


Until we get to the "Let's make Magic Together" ad, with the two Friday Night Cinemax girls.  It's almost worse than the Furry Friends ad.


One game with ads that range from Kid Safe to Cinemax Late Night.  What kind of people are going to end up in this game?

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  • anemoanemo Member RarePosts: 1,903
    The way to judge an anime characters age is to look at how realistic the nose is...  Which means you're gonna be making magic with 14 year olds :(

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  • GruntyGrunty Member EpicPosts: 8,657
    I think that speaks more about where your wife is coming from than what is says about the ad. 
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  • BarrikorBarrikor Member UncommonPosts: 373

    After the scarlet blade ads happened, I'm just happy that they have clothes on.

  • SirPKsAlotSirPKsAlot Member Posts: 224
    Originally posted by lizardbones

    One game with ads that range from Kid Safe to Cinemax Late Night.  What kind of people are going to end up in this game?

    Furries trolling for kids, obviously.


    Also how is "watch your back" even a tagline / marketing phrase? Is that like, a joke about 3rd person perspective or something?

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  • dragonslayer4everdragonslayer4ever Member Posts: 22

    I've checked out the First Look Review of Aura Kingdom this morning by OffGamers. I would say the characters are really cool and the game play I would say is quite simple. You guys can check out the video too. 


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