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game client and lazy developers!

zastenzasten Member Posts: 283

I left my computer going all night thinking it would be done when I got out of bed, only to find that on installing and running the game it now needs to download a further 4gb of data!

Would it not be better for the developers to update their game client file with game updates a bit more often, so when people do what I just did they do not need to leave their machines running overnight more than once!

My slow connection will take about 4-6 hours to download 4gb and I am not willing to let it do it during the day as I need the connection for other things!


EDIT: I found other stuff to do while this update was doing its thing. Now it wants to download a further 3gb of updates and who knows how much after that. No way in hell am I interested in playing now!


  • tristanryantristanryan Member Posts: 233
    Originally posted by zasten
    My slow connection


  • jazz.bejazz.be Member UncommonPosts: 915

    Probably not about laziness but rather about budget, or the will to spend budget on that.

    I don't think game developers handle the client package.

    Are you using your unlimited 3G connection to surf at home? ;)

  • zastenzasten Member Posts: 283
    Full time student so no I don't have 3g, just iinet with a shity phone line connection that needs repairs that will never be done by Telstra!
  • A1learjetA1learjet Member UncommonPosts: 258
    I don't play the game but checked there forums   since the 19th they have had issues and as the 24th there doing rolling restarts sure that's added to your issue

  • zastenzasten Member Posts: 283

    I should have checked their forum first before downloading!

    From the looks of it they are incapable of keeping the game online with all the server downtime...

    Had I looked first, I would have skipped this game!

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