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Looking for something.

ellebishopellebishop Member UncommonPosts: 28

Hello community members.

I've been an mmo fan , since i was a kid, which was not too long ago. i started playing f2p back 6 years ago, since i had no steady source of income. only after i reached 20 i got a decent job and moved in with the subscription crowd. 

I always was curious about WOW and its popularity with the mainstream was huge, but unfortunately by the time i was individually equipped to play wow, the gameplay and art style was no longer appealing to me. If only i had started off young.

I've been playing guild wars 2 since its launch , keeping me occupied for quite some time even with all its beautiful content, it just dosen't bring in the satisfaction that a real mmorpg brings. Even after a year + in the game, i still feel like a nobody in a sea of other nobody players :P 

I am asking for suggestions, from the experienced and the novice crowd of this website, to guide me to another mmo where i can get completely lost in.  I've been on a gaming break for the last 5 months, due to my job, being stationed at a remote area, but now i'm back and hungery for some action.

What i like :-  fantasy mmorpgs , would prefer a sword to a gun anydayyy, but hybrid mmos don't bother me much either.

                        Immersive gaming envriornment.

What i dislike:- Playing catch up to end game, against players already there, who have been playing for years.

                            Huge currency gaps between new and vet players.


   Would also like to know all your thoughts on "Final fantasy Xiv ARR, the secret world, darkfalls" too.

      All posts appreciated, hate/love/troll/honest. :-)

Thank you very much for taking the time to read my jibber jabber..                    

PS:- sorry if i posted this in the wrong section. 

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