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TOSH is looking for mature players on Blackhand

YehoshaYehosha Member Posts: 2

TOSH (The Order of the Silver Hand) is a group of mature players who like to have fun. We play Alliance on Blackhand and Horde on Shattered Hand servers. As a rule our members range in age is from mid 20's - 60's However age is not a requirement maturity is. This does not mean we don’t have fun (in fact just the opposite is true).

The Order of the Silver Hand was started in Asheron's Call 1, in October of the year 2000, by Timothy O., "Mayor", and Nick C., "Znick", his first recruit. They immediately recognized that leveling and becoming more powerful characters while being important aspects of playing, were not the ultimate goals. There is no prize for getting to the highest level the fastest. It's the trip along the way that counts! The goal of our organization is and always has been to have fun and make some good friends as we go!

If the above and the following rules/guidelines make sense to you might be a TOSH and not even know it. 

Rule #1: Have Fun...

Rule #2: Help and Respect Guild Members.
Do whatever you can to help out fellow members. Common courtesy and good judgement will build a strong, trusting brotherhood.

Rule #3: Don't Make the Guild Look Bad.
(Flaming others in public, using objectionable names for characters, spamming the chat channels, offending others by use of improper  language, kill stealing, harassing people, ninja loot and other actions that take away the fun of the game from others will not be tolerated.

Again, we play Alliance on Blackhand and Horde on Shattered Hand servers.

Want more information? Read our History and Philosophy here:

Can’t wait to join? Go here and post in our application section:

Thanks for considering us.  image


  • YehoshaYehosha Member Posts: 2
    always looking for fresh meat image...err i mean new members  image
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