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Live Forum Q&A Stephan Frost - Wildstar



  • CRB_FrostCRB_Frost Brofessor FrostMember Posts: 23

    Originally posted by Jayden

    Hi there Frost!,

    First off, from all the art and videos I've seen, the game looks amazing. Secondly, all your Dev Speak and Live Streams crack me up, so keep up the awesome work.

    Thanks! Glad you like em!

    I was wondering, if I was to rename my cat Wildstar and only feed him Chua on a daily basis if I could happen to weedle a beta key from you? If not.. it was worth a try, right?!

    Well, I'd be impressed if you ACTUALLY fed your cat (named Wildstar) Chua, because Chua don't really exist IRL. I mean, wow, if you can prove that, you'd probably get a beta key. Otherwise, you'd have to wait like everyone else. :P

    Ok, so since it wasn't listed in the "Do Not Ask", when is a more open-ended beta going to be put into effect? I mean I really hate to waste my time on ESO and such when I could help make Wildstar better as soon as possilbe :)

    Hehe, nice try. I can't answer this one. :P

    Originally posted by Annekynn

    Another question, the game seems to have an abundance of (dark) humor. How much of this is spur of the moment type things versus an active effort to enhance the games style and differentiate it from the massive glut of soulless (and laugh less) games?

    We here at Carbine love humor. Personality was something we wanted in the game, because we have a bunch of people that love (dark) humor. It wasn't a marketing decision, it was a studio decision. Whether it's character design, props, content systems, narrative design, animation or combat, we put it in our game because we love it. :D

    Originally posted by h00ktastic


    1.  Was there a collective decision to exclude sliders for body customization plenty comments about that in the forums please share where the Devs are with the customization creation stuff.

    It was an animation tech issue for a majority of that decision. Rigs and clipping were issues with sliders and we didn't have the time to address those issues and get the game out at the appropriate time. We'll see in the future, though!

    2. Any info as to a timeline where we can  expect  higher level cap in beta? or in the NDA for those players streaming content?

    Soon...ish. :)

    3.  How bad will you own Pappy on a scale of 1- 1 zillion?

    2 Zillion and a half. That's how bad I will own him.

    4. Any plans for new Voice Actors/ talent  to provide additional voices ever... maybe a contest?

    No plan as of right now!


  • CRB_FrostCRB_Frost Brofessor FrostMember Posts: 23
    I've got to get back to work, but I may stop by later and answer more questions! Thanks to everyone who stopped by!
  • AnnekynnAnnekynn Member Posts: 1,437

    Originally posted by CRB_Frost
    I've got to get back to work, but I may stop by later and answer more questions! Thanks to everyone who stopped by!

    Thanks for answering our questions!!

  • TechnoMonkeyTechnoMonkey Member UncommonPosts: 93
    Originally posted by CRB_Frost
    I've got to get back to work, but I may stop by later and answer more questions! Thanks to everyone who stopped by!

    Thanks for taking the time Frost, we really appreciate it.


  • SuxezSuxez Member Posts: 2
    Awesome answers! Thank you for your time Mr.Frost
  • xellinusxellinus Member Posts: 2

    Hey just got here! Is it too late to ask a question?


    edit: Ah crap.

  • Camulos4991Camulos4991 Member Posts: 10

    Thanks for answering those questions


  • AzureProwerAzurePrower Member UncommonPosts: 1,549

    Originally posted by xellinus
    Hey just got here! Is it too late to ask a question? edit: Ah crap.

    Must say that was an epic first post after being a member since 2004.

    But yeah. He just finished up sadly.

  • TechnoMonkeyTechnoMonkey Member UncommonPosts: 93
    Originally posted by AzurePrower


    Originally posted by xellinus
    Hey just got here! Is it too late to ask a question?



    edit: Ah crap.


    Must say that was an epic first post after being a member since 2004.

    But yeah. He just finished up sadly.

    He waited 10 years to ask his question...

  • RiannesRiannes Member UncommonPosts: 98

    Apology if already asked/answered.


    Is housing account wide? or is it locked to a character?


    How many PvP battlegrounds will be in the game at launch?

    How many do you anticipate there will be after 6 mths? (a guess is all, not a promise)


    How many PvP arena maps will be in the game at launch?

    How many do you anticipate there will be after 6 mths? (a guess is all, not a promise)


    We have seen many mmorpgs started strong at launch but later failed due to lack of 'quality' additional contents (talking about major/minor patch updates here not expansions). what can be anticipated from these incoming patch updates say in the next 6 mths and how often will they be added?


    Thank you SF 

    Wish you & team the best 

  • GraySamuelsonGraySamuelson Member Posts: 1

    Hey couple questions for ya! (sorry if they've been answered)

    I loved the vine contest (even though I didn't win with any of the 4 videos I posted :/..The gangsters paradise and kung-foo fighting one..if you remember them at all Haha) Will there be anymore contests coming around like maybe a fan art contest? I would love to do some art for a Beta key!

    Another question: I know there is a play-for-pay feature..Is it estimated at all how much grindage must be done in order to buy a month of play time? And if in fact you can't get it in time, is there some sort of grace period or does the account just shut off?

    Thanks for answering some questions for all of us!

  • arbacusarbacus Member UncommonPosts: 41
    Originally posted by CRB_Frost
    We're discussing that right now. I'd have to follow up with Jen Gordy, our PvP guru. (Although personally, I'd want it turned off for competitive ELO ranking.)

    what is this a response to anyone?

  • SolcitusSolcitus Member Posts: 2

    Thanks for your time, Frost!

    Looking forward to hearing more on WildStar soon :)

  • Omegaz24Omegaz24 Member Posts: 4
    #teamfrost this Saturday!
  • SarucSaruc Member UncommonPosts: 7
    what are the plans for pvp. and will there be more content for single groups and world bosses?


  • BruhzaBruhza Member UncommonPosts: 391
    Originally posted by CRB_Frost
    I've got to get back to work, but I may stop by later and answer more questions! Thanks to everyone who stopped by!

    If you do happen to stop by again later I just have one question. Will there be a "PvP" server that has everyone flagged (Except in sanctuary/safe zones?

    (I'm assuming yes but I just really like having a confirmation one way or the other. I just noticed earlier in this thread that you mentioned that you can flag yourself just nothing on server types. Being able to attack anyone on the opposing faction is great to have on a server that is setup for it.)


    Thanks for taking the time to answer the previous questions, good stuff to know.

  • IncomparableIncomparable Member UncommonPosts: 1,105

    What are the plans with Mini games and other non-ground combat mechanics?

    And related question to non-ground combat mechanic; is the hoverboard a mini game that allows players to do several tricks and grabs?

    Everything looks great in Wildstar. 

    And I feel I must ask... but, it will only mean a small inconvenience on how i approach a mmo. Will alting be given special treatment in regards to end game and the issue of gear grinds. Since the appeal of an alt is a different expereince (for me certainly), and thus how do you plan on rewarding that experience and keeping that experience different while still offering the same end game and gear grind. I am not asking for the impossible, but rather that the obvious problem of gear grinds and alts is a bit too much, for me and I am not sure how many others. So its an important issue but wildstar looks like it has a lot to offer as well.

    “Write bad things that are done to you in sand, but write the good things that happen to you on a piece of marble”

  • CRB_FrostCRB_Frost Brofessor FrostMember Posts: 23

    Originally posted by jidai

    hi frost!

    are pets in the game? =D

    and pleeeease give me a beta key  D=!!!!

    greetings from vienna

    There are pets... kinda. Scientists have scan bots (that you can customize!), Engineers have pets, and on occasion you will get some in quests. However, presently, you can't pick up a little pet homie that hangs out with you. Oh, and tell Vienna I said hi.

    Originally posted by guiltysol
    How will end game gear play out? Will PvE be strictly for PvE and PvP gear be for PvP? Will there be some mechanic that helps put those PvEers in PvP and vise versa?

    PvP gear is only earned in PvP. We wanted to make sure that PvPers only have to do PvP to earn the gear they need. We want players to play the way they want to play, in the systems they want to engage in while playing Wildstar.

    Originally posted by Deepshadow94

    Hey Frost 

    just wondering about your WARPLOTS i watch every video about them but to this day  i really want to know how do you create one  meaning what level , how to upgrade  in general everything regarding them.

    i was a stress tester for the winter beta but didnt reach that far , plus the game deleted my character so yhhhhh ...

    PS: cant wait to see you & papi go @ it  #TEAMFROST

    BTW can you hook a brother up  on a beta key please  just had to add that part in XD


    Despite the fact that I said I wouldn't talk about Warplots, I'll answer a couple of questions here. You can create a Warplot ONLY at level 50, they are Elder Game content. You get upgrades by earning a currency within Warplots, I won't say what those upgrades are, but you can use that currency to buy instruments of death. Also we've said that you can capture a raid boss and unleash them upon a rival team before... so... you can do that by getting a rare drop off of a boss in a dungeon or raid. Watching/playing that in playtests is pretty damned entertaining as they crush hordes of players. I'm extremely excited for the coming weeks and months ahead, because I think people are going to love seeing and playing this feature. 40 vs. 40 death fortress combat! What's not to love?

    Also thanks for the #teamfrost support. I will eviscerate Pappy.

    Originally posted by galvagore


    1. I recently came across a video where it was mentioned that fishing was currently in the game but carbine was  thinking       of removing it do to it being boring . incase this statement is true i have a unique possibly original idea to make fishing more enjoyable and fast pace,so my question is where can i locate the appropriate forum site to send you the idea if carbine likes the idea its theres if not no biggie.

    Already answered this earlier, but It won't be in at launch. It will likely be a post launch feature though!

    2.sorry you probably get this alot, but for the last four years i have been creating the story,concepts,mechanics and abilities for an mmorpg how would you recommend steps to trying to start to network into the gaming industry.

    Start at the bottom and work your way up. Work as a production Assistant, work in QA, become an intern where ever you can! Be determined, work your ass off, learn new ways to excel, be extremely friendly, don't be a jerk, and never EVER STOP TRYING... even if you fail a lot. Failure makes you stronger, even if it doesn't feel that way. I've learned quite a bit by working on good games, I've learned more on terrible games.

    3. Probably cant be answered is release date,but follow up question is the game gonna be sold as a download or hard copy in stores or both.

    You are correct, I can't answer that!

    From. Michael



  • bigymacbigymac Member Posts: 1

    Well a 'Hey There!' to you to,


    Not sure if this question has been asked/answered but I'm sure ALOT of people would like to know,


    "Will there be an Oceanic server?"


    I live in Perth, Australia myself.. But I'm sure the rest of Australia and our Asian homies would love to know if we will be lagging our asses off on Nexus or not haha.



  • TelondarielTelondariel Member Posts: 1,001

    Hey Frosty!   


    Firstly, gotta say that I played and LOVED vanilla WoW, and it seems like Wildstar is the Sci-fi 2.0 version of that.  This intrigues me and so you have my interest.  From what I've seen so far, I'm interested enough to give it a go.  I do have a couple of questions, though, but nothing too tough.


    1)  I love CC mind control-type classes and the Esper seems to be along that line.  Can you elaborate a bit on how in-depth the crowd control will be?  Will there be mezzes, stuns and maybe a charm-type spell where you control a mob for a limited duration?  Area of effect CC?


    2)  Thank you for embracing the subscription model.  I am looking forward to supporting a studio that has a deep, quality game and a team that is passionate about their product.  Wildstar seems to fit that description.  On that note, Carbine is a part of NCSoft, and Nexon has shares in that company now.  My concern is monetization and a future Cash Shop.  Will you stick to your guns and keep the subscription model at least for the coming year?


    Stay Frosty!


  • CRB_FrostCRB_Frost Brofessor FrostMember Posts: 23

    Originally posted by Satyrak

    • will there be more classes/races till the release? nope.
    • will beta testers get any bonuses later (when the game is released) ? not sure. perhaps?
    • have you planned content patches after release? In which time? of course, we have to keep people happy month to month!
    • will there be open pvp zones? yep! There are multiple zones with open world pvp!
    • could you tell something about the mount customisation (is it only for a better look? or more speed etc) ? You'll hear more in the coming weeks!
    • what makes wildstar better than other mmorpgs (except the chuas) ? ;) that's a massive question! our action combat is a ton of fun in pve and pvp, raids and dungeons are insanely fun and challenging, our housing system is suuuuper robust, our end game has multiple features across gameplay types, we have a great personality to our story and characters, etc.
    • and whats your favorite class/race/path in the game? that's another rough one. It's a tie. Probably Stalker, Draken, Soldier AND Mechari, Warrior, Explorer.


    I really love Wildstar and the whole Wildstar team, you guys are awesome and really funny!

    Good job!


    looking forward to get answers ^-^

    Greetings and best wishes Satyrak

    Originally posted by Ryowulf

    I was wondering if crafting goods will be equal to or better than quests rewards or loot? 

    Will crafting be useful at endgame?

    Hell yes it will! It fills the gaps between quests and with our modification systems like rune crafting, you can make your gear more badass. Crafting at endgame can also be used to make elder game gear more badass as well. Check out some crafter streams online. They have quite a few that detail it pretty well!

    Originally posted by Krijo101
    I know there are different builds for classes so someone like the warrior can take on a dps or tank role, but will there be a lot of ways to differentiate yourself from others of the same class? By that i mean if two warriors are specced for tanking, will they both be using the same exact skills, or can you choose skills or something else to make you play style different?

    AMPs, abilities, ability tiering, and gear will set you apart depending on the spec you are looking for, regarding your class.

    Originally posted by evryman13
    Frost, as far as zones are constructed, is it more WoW open unless traveling to another continent or similar to swtor where it feels you're only exploring a portion of the zone?

    You can meander about from zone to zone without loading screens. However, visiting a new continent, will have a loading screen. (ala WoW.)


  • CRB_FrostCRB_Frost Brofessor FrostMember Posts: 23

    Originally posted by Dragnog

    From what we have seen of the crafting system so far; How comfortable do you guys feel about it now? Do you still feel that there is work to be done on the basic system or are you just filling in the blanks now? 

    You can always work on systems to perfect them. I think that we are in a great place, but we are still tuning and looking at metrics. Econ is something we take seriously, so we will continue to watch streams, listen to Beta feedback, look at metrics etc.

    Originally posted by toofloated
    Would anyone at Carbine be offended if I describe the game as giving me a very Ratchet and Clank feel with the humor?

    Hell no! We love Ratchet and Clank. We also love hugs and beer. (Not in that order, per se.)

    Originally posted by Dust13
    you said the new patch notes are on Reddit?   If so I cant find :(    Link ?



    Originally posted by Ilisidi
    How do adventures differ from dungeons? Or more specifically, what is an adventure?

    You'll hear about this in the coming weeks. They are more objective based, and the objectives change from Adventure to Adventure. We basically repurpose a PvE zone and put group content in it. You'll hear more later.

    Originally posted by Krijo101
    I was curious about how the setup of PVE leveling vs PVP leveling is setup? By that I mean, is leveling to cap purely off of PVP going to be as fast as leveling to cap doing PVE? If so, is there a way to keep yourself geared while doing so?

    There is a reward stream for both to keep you leveling up in either gameplay type. We are aiming for them to take the same amount of time, but we'd have to study more beta metrics when we extend the level cap to give a completely accurate answer to that question.

    Originally posted by lokra

    Hi Frost,here is my question:

    Do armor skins look the same for all,or are they faction based,or race based? (at low and high level)

    You can dye your armor and you can earn a multitude of dyes, so there's a ton of customization. Also there are different reward streams depending on the type of Elder Game you participate in, so, Dungeons, vs. PvE will be different.


  • SunnymashSunnymash Member Posts: 13

    I loved the character models, all of my friends loved them, I heard a rumor about them, someone said they are being changed suddenly  because a few players didn't like them.

    Is that true?

    Are you adding some different model choices or sliders or are you  outright  changing the models to something else?

    I felt so sad when I heard that you are going to change them. Please don't do that.




  • rannoxrannox Member Posts: 8

    Hey Frost, thanks for coming back and answering some more questions. Here are a few for you.

    1. You mentioned earlier how you would have to flag yourself for open PvP... Does this mean that there are no parts of the world that everyone is automatically flagged, even in PvP servers? Like questing zones that you always run the risk of someone ganking you, or being able to do it yourself, potentially starting massive open world battles. 


    2. I asked earlier if there would be a Linux client. I think it should be something seriously considered if not already, especially with the emergence of SteamOS and the growing Linux gaming community. This would be a major plus for me.


    3. This isn't meant to sound bitter, I am just plain curious, but... I signed up for the beta in May of 2013, and I know many signed up way before me that still have yet to receive an invite. Is there no weight added to how old a beta sign-up is in your algorithms? 

  • DesphiriaDesphiria Member Posts: 5
    I have a question about the subscription fee. Not sure if someone asked this or not but, can you better explain the 12 month one? It says 10.99 per month but behind that is says the total will be 131.88 dollars. Can you explain where that amount of money will it come from? Is that the total of the box AND the sub fee or, the sub fee altogether?
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