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Live Forum Q&A Stephan Frost - Wildstar



  • ringobrownringobrown Member Posts: 5
    If you like to stream and show gameplay, what are the odds of getting a press pass? :D
  • Deepshadow94Deepshadow94 Member Posts: 5

    Same i was going to ask 

    i dont think he needs any Team Frost  XD !!!!

  • SyllendaleSyllendale Member UncommonPosts: 156

    Hi Frost! :) .. My question is this:

    Some of us do not enjoy PvP as much as others.  I am wondering, could there be a system later on added that people who pvp can maybe "file a claim" or buy "travelers insurance"?  You know, for instance when someone "kills" you, if your character is insured you get something for it rather than having to respawn with a LOSER tagged to your head? .... ( I may not explain it well enough, but since the game is sci fi and "silly", I would think there could be a business or group of sorts that could sell you such a thing... make it interesting when a guy keeps killing you over and over he discovers, I need to stop being a D***, I'm running out of money!!) ............. sorry, was long :)

  • EdwardFoxEdwardFox Member Posts: 3
    What are the conditions to getting a press key?
  • Impulse47Impulse47 Member UncommonPosts: 159

    Are there going to be any mechanics which will allow me, once I reach max level and obtain the uberest of gear, to play with friends who are just starting? For instance, Guild Wars 2's down-leveling (which is far from perfect). This seems to always be the biggest barrier to me getting my friends to try whatever game I'm playing. I hate rolling alts for this purpose. Also, beta key yada yada...

  • DesphiriaDesphiria Member Posts: 5
    Hello Frost! Nice to meet you! Your Devspeak vids always make me laugh. But I was wondering, after closed beta, are there going to be character wipes and if there's an open beta afterwards, will the characters created then, be moved into the normal game?
  • SuxezSuxez Member Posts: 2

    Hi Frost! love the Dev speaks<3 Are you confident enough to say that this amazing and truly lovely game has the end-game content it needs to keep players hanging on to it longer at launch, than for example SWTOR?

    ps: please NO flying mounts... ever

  • MalvolgMalvolg Member Posts: 3

    Thank you for taking time to answer our questions! Frost FTW.

    In the engineer livestream, it seemed like the engineer's bots were having trouble keeping up with him as he was moving. Is this something that needs to be addressed before live or was the engineer in the stream merely experiencing lag causing the bots to experience a small delay? Are they intended to move at the same speed as the engineer?

    If it was addressed in the livestream and I just missed it, my apologies!

  • badchiefybadchiefy Member Posts: 31


    What are you doing to make your game stand out significantly to other MMO's that are coming out in the foreseeable future? I love the combat system and think it's a great way to stay involved in the game instead of just memorizing a rotation. 

    As far as mounts go, what kind of variety are we going to see when the game releases? I've seen the hoverboard as well as a few other ground mounts, will there be any flying mounts or other ways to travel quickly?

    Thanks for doing this!


  • DiodenosisDiodenosis Member Posts: 1

    Hey Frost! Your'e DevSpeak narrations are pretty boss. 

    Although I haven't gotten the chance to play the game  I had a couple questions...

    1). Will more housing plots become available upon level up?

    2). You stated in the esper live stream that esper healing will be the most familiar to players coming from games where the healer generally places themselves behind their friendlies and casts away. Will this style hold true through beta and into launch? 

    3). Will different mounts have different utilities? For example,  the hover board is the only mount that can double jump and move over water.  Will the rest of the mounts be pure cosmetic items or will they have special (non game breaking) abilities? Will there be mounts that can move underwater?  

    Sorry for stacking so many questions in that last one, but I appreciate any answers you are able to give.

  • panzerfuchspanzerfuchs Member UncommonPosts: 13
    Are you able change your path after start. If not, any thoughts on having a way to do it so you dont have to restart a character.
  • Davyroth77Davyroth77 Member Posts: 2

    Hey Frost! Of all the information ive been looking at on the internet... I havent seen anything about.... FISHING!!!

    Is there going to be Fishing in Wildstar?  I would love to fish some super rare E.T. one eyed fish!!! How bout cook this fish and get a super OP alien buff!????

    Anything about it?????


  • MoarChowdawrMoarChowdawr Member Posts: 1

    Currently how many C.R.E.D.D. can a single account stockpile? Is there a cool down on purchasing C.R.E.D.D.?

    Thanks again for doing this! 


    Pappy to be Frosted this Saturday!  

  • SolcitusSolcitus Member Posts: 2

    I agree with beta keys for first hundred posters ^.^


    Hey Frost, good to see a Dev getting out there amongst it in the community and taking questions.  Whilst I have many, I think I'll just pick one as there'll be a lot to get through anyways.

    I'd like to hear a bit more about multi-player content, I know you can't speak on Raids, but dungeons?  What kind of numbers are we going to see (4player, 5player?), and are they designed to be quick, smash and grab loot fests, or a long, epic story with a big, badass mofo to kill at the end?


    Thanks again for your time, keep up the great work!



  • ShenaniganNinjaShenaniganNinja Member Posts: 1
    Is there any plan to implement other varieties of weapons? Meaning warriors with things other than 2 handed swords, espers with weapons other than psy-blades, spellslinger pistols etc. ?
  • Pirschjager84Pirschjager84 Member CommonPosts: 1
    Are there plans for Guild Achievements or Perks?  If so, can you share any info about how they work / what they might be?
  • KalinethKalineth Member Posts: 1

    Sup Frost :) 


    Haven't seen much information about Guilds. Is there much you'd be able to tell us at this stage? For eg. Guild banks, Guild sizes, Guild leveling or Guild quests etc. 


    You also said there would be more information being released in the 'coming months'.. Makes me wonder how far in the future release is planned for? :P

  • geistwolfegeistwolfe Member Posts: 1

    I have two crafting related questions:

    I particularly like the costume system, it seems like an elegant solution to customization of appearance. One question: will all of the costumes be quest/reward, or will some of them be craftable?


    Someone brought up an excellent idea during one of Anhrez's wildstarfans/twitch streams: adding a unique maker's mark as an icon to crafted items. similar to a guild tabard, but on the item icon. Any chance of that?

  • stragen001stragen001 Member UncommonPosts: 1,720

    Is the "Super Dodge" where you can jump, dodge in mid air, then double jump to move out of the way really quickly intended, or is it a bug that will be patched out?


    Cluck Cluck, Gibber Gibber, My Old Mans A Mushroom

  • prodiiiprodiii Member Posts: 2

    Hello. Thanks for bearing with us.

    1 - Im not in beta - can you change this pretty please? ;)

    2 - release spring 2014 - yay or nay ? Open beta - myth or true ?

    3 - Any plans on giving us more weapons per class ? Like sniper rifles for slinger, daggers for stalker, dual wielding for warrior ? And any weapon specific skills/passives ? Or if it wont be possible at least weapon skins ? You know, i really like to use 2handed axes not swords for example.

    4 - More flexibility on housing - like changing shapes of elements of the house or the ploppables items ? For example making the roof more spiky, or windows more 'weird' - like from square into triangle etc ?

    5 - Since im not in beta and noone can answer my question from twitch - are there any actual rewards from achievements ? Im kinda completionist, i like to collect things, achievements, challenges, explore whole zones even not being explorer path. Is it gonna be rewarding ?


    edit - 6 one more question - paysafecard option for digital download will be possible ? Is there going to be even digital download ?

    Thanks and all best to You! Wish You a great success with the game !

  • cybermerccybermerc Member UncommonPosts: 13

    I have several questions regarding guild size. From one of the live streams I watched I noticed the starting guild size was 40 members, with a maximum size of 500.  I belong to both Old Timers Guild (OTG) and The Older Gamers (TOG) and both of these guilds have a huge number of active players (TOG has 60k members) . Some games they have had over 1000 active players. Based on this information I have a few questions:

    1. Why such a low starting number? For larger guilds the leaders are going to have a management nightmare trying to deal with a large number of small guilds that will eventually merge into a few larger guilds.

    2. Why 500 max? even guilds with around 100 members are going to struggle to stay under that with alts.

    3. How long will it take to max the size of a guild? Are there methods of speeding it up?

    Few requests:

    1. Instead of 500 max toons in a guild how about 500 accounts in a guild? That would allow for unlimited alts in the same account in a guild. Or bump the max limit to 1000.

    2. Increase the starting size to 100. And give the option to cap the guild size very quickly (maybe by purchasing the points needed somehow).

    Thanks for taking the time to read my questions, and possibly reply. image

  • EavianEavian Member Posts: 1
    My question is about pvp.  I've seen a lot of complaints when watching press release streamers about the auto lockon in pvp being used.  Is that feature going to be disabled for pvp to enable more skill based competitive play or no?
  • rachelfox317rachelfox317 Member Posts: 1

    Will there be any servers designated as est/pst and so on, for players who don't have many friends in their time zone who plan to play Wildstar (yet)? Thank you! :)


    *Edit: I would also love a Beta Key!*

  • gamechillergamechiller Member UncommonPosts: 4
    can you give some infos about pre-order?
  • Camulos4991Camulos4991 Member Posts: 10


    Because i'm losing my mind waiting for a beta key and i'm resisting the urge of swimming (yes swimmig, I live in Belgium, yes it is a country in Europe) over to america to go to you're studio for a key , I'll keep it short:

    1) will there be different sizes of space for housing or will it all be the same size?

    2) do you have an idea when you will know the release date or when (if there will be) the open beta is?


    PS: noticed alot of new accounts on this forum, just shows how much people are interested in wildstar

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