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Live Forum Q&A Stephan Frost - Wildstar

CRB_FrostCRB_Frost Brofessor FrostMember Posts: 23

Hey There!


My name is Stephan Frost or... Frost, as everyone around Carbine refers to me. I'm the Design Producer on Wildstar.

What does that mean? Effectively it's my job to ensure that everyone in the design department has everything they need to get their job done on time, to a high level of quality. I work regularly with the Executive Producer, Design Director, Combat Lead, Content Design Lead and other Design Leads to make sure Wildstar is a fun and exciting experience for players.

I also voice the Dev Speak videos that Carbine has put out on teh internets.

So feel free to ask any questions, but there are SOME things that I can't talk about, or Marketing will maliciously slap me. Those items being:

1.) Warplots. (We have a ton of info we'll release in the coming months, but I can't spoil anything on em now.)

2.) Raids (Our raids will be epic, but I can't say anything about them presently. Just know, that they will be BRUTAL.)

Aside from that, I'd be happy to answer your questions! I'll be back at 7pm Eastern/4pm PST to start answering as much as I can for about an hour... maaaaaaaybe a little bit longer.






  • LipstickpaddyLipstickpaddy Member Posts: 18

    Will you be able to send items to our ALTS on the opposite faction, for example in an account bound chest, as I love crafting and want to spread them out on both factions to see all the super content?


    And are they another other convenience alt mechanics in the game?


    PS... love the Saturday Wildstar Twitch Show... and good luck in the PVP match against Pappy... that is if you need any!

  • drumchannelldrumchannell Member UncommonPosts: 162
    Can we please make our characters with a first and last name(s)?
  • MaulestMaulest Member Posts: 2

    Hey there, a pleasure to talk to you, I am ridiculously excited about Wildstar!

    I haven't found any info about this :

    How is the inventory managed?


  • SqueekuSqueeku Member Posts: 1

    A pleasure to speak with you Frost, I adore your narrations on the Dev Speaks.  I am unfortunately not a part of Beta, so perhaps my questions are moot, but as an outsider very much looking forward to being able to play some day, here we go;


    Will the character creation allow for different body types; so that not all silhouettes look the same and people can further customize their character?


    Will there be character creation for Chua females (or are they excluded because designers can't get boobs to look right on them  >_< )?


    Given that weapons are tied to class, is there a worry that by end game all players of the same class will be carrying the same weapon, but maybe with a different dye job?


    Will all Classes be open to all Races?


  • StarfoxfireStarfoxfire Member Posts: 4

    I know you cannot talk about raids or warplots, but in any game I play I like it if there is a good deal of "end game" content. Too many games that come out don't have enough end-game content, and I think that leads the community to become bored so they seek out different games. How much true end game content will their be when the game launches? Or will we as players have to wait for multiple content releases?



  • stragen001stragen001 Member UncommonPosts: 1,720
    The big question...... Pappy vs Frost..... are you gonna win? whats your strategy?

    Cluck Cluck, Gibber Gibber, My Old Mans A Mushroom

  • SiphaedSiphaed Member UncommonPosts: 1,049
    Q&A Questions:

    1) Are you guys still on path for a Spring 2014 launch timeframe?

    2) How often can teams Fortress Wars and how long until they reset (daily, weekly, etc.)? Edit: Nevermind, this one can't be answered.

    3) Any word on a Collector's Edition of the game and when a pre-order can be placed for it?

    4) Since there's no male or female Chua, care to explain the background lore for this and how they reproduce?

    5) I absolutely LOVE jumping puzzles in GW2 and am very excited to see Wildstar have some in it (from previously shown videos).  How extensive is this type of content throughout the game?

    6) How many different ways are there to obtain Player House items and are there any extremely rare ones to show off (like some mounted head that you can brag to all your friends about that they don't have)?

    7) Could you please detail the trading system and what embodies it (i.e. each server their own auction or clustered?  player-to-player trade available?  UI trade or special NPC locations only? those details please)?

    8) Is there fishing within the game?

    9) Any details for the crafting system for armor, weapons, and possibly mounts?

    10) How many zones are there in the game (not including tutorial zones)?

  • Krijo101Krijo101 Member UncommonPosts: 10

    Hi Frost, just want to start by saying thanks for taking the time to answer our questions

    I was wondering if there will be any content in game that centers around groups ranging from 8-12 people? My understanding is raids are larger than that, so i was hoping for something to fit a more tight knit group of players. I game with a close group of online friends from game to game and that would fit us well.

    Hoping to play soon, thanks again :)

  • WoodeWoode Member Posts: 1

    A minority (not insignificant I think) of your players, like me, like Chief Sarcan,  are completionists.  I like how the game looks and the tools that will help us.  However:

    We would like experience to accrue more slowly, to avoid overleveling.  I'm sure most would prefer the experience gain to be faster.  Will there be any system to try and satisfy both groups?

  • stragen001stragen001 Member UncommonPosts: 1,720

    I have seen on various streams today that Chuas can now be medic. What was the logic behind allowing Chua to be medics. They are psychopathic killers, wouldnt Stalker have been a better choice. 


    What other major changes have there been in todays patch?


    Cluck Cluck, Gibber Gibber, My Old Mans A Mushroom

  • GamestonyyGamestonyy Member Posts: 1



    with salvaging whats the point in having gathering tradeskils. while you farm items and just salvage them and sell the mats 'diffrent mats ore, skins, bones, and so on). and with gathering you only get one kind of mats


    WS fan !

  • draetlindraetlin Member UncommonPosts: 18
    Evening, can you give us any insight about open world pvp? Thanks
  • VolerianVolerian Member Posts: 2

    What are the chances the first 100 posters get a beta key? AM I RIGHT or AM I RIGHT guys??


    Very excited for the game to come out. I've been following for a while now.


    I am particularly concerned about the balance issues or ranged vs melee classes in PvP. specifically kiting, roots etc. can you discuss some of the steps you've taken to address and or minimize balance issues in regards to PvP.

  • TechnoMonkeyTechnoMonkey Member UncommonPosts: 91
    An issue that I keep running into in other MMOs is PVE balancing changes negatively affecting PVP, and vice versa. This happens when changes or new abilities are made with only one aspect in mind, and the effects on the other aspect are not anticipated. How do you guys plan on avoiding this issue? (PVP-exclusive stats? better planning? etc)
  • BankstercideBankstercide Member Posts: 2
    Originally posted by drumchannell
    Can we please make our characters with a first and last name(s)?

    That is, will names allow spaces and/or special characters?

  • LadyrabbitLadyrabbit Member Posts: 1

    Could you produce a series of podcasts where you narrate things, because i really like your voi.. I mean for the good of the community and uhhm,  social networking and what not...... (I think i recovered nicely there)

    Ok on a more serious note, is the crafting system something that I could keep up as my level, or am I going to have to set aside some time per 'tier' to really be able to make items relevant to me/what is intended. 

    I understand endgame needs to be more time consuming, I'm just curious as to how the system is intended to synergise with everything else :D


    ok i'm done.


  • foozyfoozy Member Posts: 5

    Hi Mr. Frost,

    I've got some questions about designs;


    We all saw at trailers, game play videos or photos of your world and character designs. They looks like based on cartoon type. What was your inspiration while you were designing this Wildstar universe.? Is there any cartoon or comic book or some drawing you referred?

  • ringobrownringobrown Member Posts: 5
    Will there be an open beta?
  • loldisclaimerloldisclaimer Member Posts: 1
    I'm not asking for specific details or anything, but as a hardcore raider and overall MMO player, i need to know this! Will Wildstar be going more in the direction of "end game" or "elder game" with the high level/max level content? And for people that don't understand the difference between "end game" and "elder game" can you please explain the differences between them?
  • ExciseExcise Member Posts: 4

    What's in place to ensure that healers--someone who's geared and specced (amp'd?) for healing--can solo/level as well as their DPS brethren?


    Don't want another pre-dual spec WoW Holy Priest situation :-)

  • BankstercideBankstercide Member Posts: 2

    Will Resource Nodes and Quest Items be phased?  If not, why do you think this will not be an issue come launch when the lowbie zones will be swamped with players?


    Will Support Power scale with Support Skills in the same manner Assault Power does with Assault Skills?  Of particular concern is Tank DPS and dependency on Threat Generation Boosts.


    Will the new level-scaled healing apply to all heals?  Particularly skills like Nano Dart and Nano Field.


    Will there be a Hoverboard Halfpipe Challenge available as a Housing Plot?


    Would it be better to have Settler Improvement durations scale to zone population?  Settlers may not have any available sockets left to build on at launch and players may find the hubs deserted later on.  This also affects ease of achieving Payoff buffs.


    The tooltip for Esper skill Phantoms' Tier 4 bonus states “...the heath returned to you is unmitigated”.  Isn’t that supposed to be the case for all lifesteal effects?


    The current Stalker Tank Stance Passive for Stealth is underwhelming - any plans to change it to something more interesting, like an Taunt on targets hit from Stealth?


    Will there be unique housing items/trophies gained from completing instances and raids?

  • Deathgod881Deathgod881 Member UncommonPosts: 104
    1) How long until launch?

    "Let destruction rain!" from Asbel Tales of Graces f

  • MuvidMuvid Member Posts: 2
    will there be more beta-invites? which month will it be, when you release wildstar?
  • aikatearsaikatears Member UncommonPosts: 33

    Hello Mr. Frost!

    i have a few questions, two are from a friend of mine and a few from me about housing and crafting

    These are my friend's questions:

    "im just wondering if rp rule will be enforced on rp server, and if classes with the same possible job will have equal potential or if one will overshadow others. like medic healing better than spellslinger/esper?"

    And these are mine.

    Will there be either at launch or post housing storage? or are there bank plugs we can add for that?

    Is there a way post launch or even at it that there could be player vendor plugs for our plots? (please with cherry on top)

    And will there be more items to crafts with new updates?

  • ExciseExcise Member Posts: 4

    We have heard that Open Beta will start about a month prior to launch.  Does "Open Beta" in this case mean:


    a) Anyone who wants access gets access,

    b) There is no NDA in place, or

    c) Something else.

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