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The next gen Artistic Benchmark for F2P games

fistormfistorm Member UncommonPosts: 868

This game has a great amount of artistic creativity,  Art the way its meant to be used.   A lot of MMO's being created try to go between Artistic graphic and Realistic Graphics like EQ NEXT,  the fact is,  you cant just go halfway in either direction anymore if you want to be NEXT GEN. 


If you make a game these days, you have two major groups of of players, the ones who love Realistic graphics like ESO fans, and  the ones who love Artistic Graphics (which this game will Definatly Please), you HAVE to go ALL THE WAY artistic LIKE THIS GAME or ALL THE WAY real looking graphics like ESO has done.  Expecially if you want to make the successful NEXT GEN game like this one is going to be.


This game is the kind of game that goes ALL THE WAY to the artistic side, it doesn't bother with realistic graphics which is very smart of them to do,  this will make them the NEXT GEN free to play game.   The models in this game look the PINNACLE OF ARTISTRY with a very detailed and creative look to a degree I haven't been seeing in a lot of Artistic F2P games that are constantly trying to please both crowds of gamers.  


This is the reason THIS GAME WILL set a BENCHMARK for all future titles that choose to use artistic looks in their game, which the F2P players are the biggest subscribers to. I got to say a WELL DONE job to the creators of this game, I hope you keep going all the WAY till its a top game of the year 2014 for F2P Games!  This will be my first real F2P game to watch for this year and favorite!

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