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[H] @ Kazzak, Community/Social

ImprostorImprostor Member UncommonPosts: 7

We are community evolved from standard 10man raiding guild. With upcoming expansion we don't plan to have scheduled raiding instead we look to maintain community of players to spend time with at any of smaller group content, world PvP in the announced zone and other activities which exist beside raiding.

We are no „zerg“ guild, afterall what sense of community you have inside 600 member mass.


You can find all important support which guild may need to run smoothly:

-        The Tribe is 25lvl guild

-        We use Ventrilo for voice communication.



Area of our interest:

-        Small form PvP (Arenas, BG, open world PvP zone)

-        5man and Scenario

-        Transmog/Achievement

-        old raids, dungeons


Our requirements for the moment are minimal:

-        18y+ which serve to maintain the general atmosphere we are working with (avarage age is 25y now)

-        Fluent English (written is mandatory, verbal is advantage)

-        No toxic,racism or similar behaviour towards community members or any other players

-        You better have sense for humour and sarcasm

-        Being able to play in standard evening times (GMT +1) is recommended as it is when most of us play


Join us! Make application online at


  • ImprostorImprostor Member UncommonPosts: 7
    bump, still looking for anyone not searching raiding guild but rather place to have some fun.
  • ImprostorImprostor Member UncommonPosts: 7
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